Raider Homework for 9/6

This is the first Raider Homework post for Uldir and BFA. Raiders both new and old should pay a lot of attention!

Focus: Normal

For now, we’re going to be focusing on normal bosses for Uldir. Many videos (like FatbossTV) cover both Normal and Heroic in the same video. Please cross-reference videos with Uldir Abilities to see which abilities are not in normal mode so you don’t get overwhelmed by excess mechanics you don’t need to know right now.

Many videos (such as fatboss) also cover theorycrafting of each boss, how Blizzard could change the boss, etc. Don’t worry about that information. We want you to know the mechanics as they are, not what they could be. Also, assume bugs will have been smoothed out before the raid drops. We are not going to penalize you if abilities have changed or are different as a result of bug fixing between beta and live.

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Updated About MoD Page and New Posters!

I’ve added Lunzzul, PvP Officer, to the About MoD page. She joins the other Warlords and Urostek with a short bio.

I’ve also updated Telanlan – more commonly known as Telann – to his Druid’s information instead of his Demon Hunter, since he swapped mains at the end of Legion (make no mistake, we druids are taking over the guild!).

Within the next month all of the site admins likely be getting new avatars and transmog pictures as the loot upgrades start to slow and people pick a new “look” for the upcoming tier. This helps put a face to a name, as it were, so you know who to look for in raids and arenas. Not sure what to do as a ranged DPS? Follow the giant chicken! Can’t find that alliance priest? Stick to sparkle kitty! Not sure where to stand as melee? Glue yourself to the bright yellow rogue – and avoid the neon red bear!

Cheers to Telann, Foxxiê, and Lunzzul for making their first posts recently. Lunzz is also working on the PvP Pages to keep our Gladiators updated on everything important for this growing aspect of the guild. I hope we’ll see a lot more posts from them in the future! Each of our site admins brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and we hope to represent our members accordingly.


I continue to try to push out quality of life changes and add new, useful, and fun features to the website for the guild. If you have an idea or a suggestion, fill out the Feedback form and let me know! Is something broken? Submit a Bug Report!

Website Banner Updates & PvP Webpages!

Two small and one big change coming to the site today!

New Top Banner

First, the banner at the top of every webpage has been updated. It used to be our kill pic from Nighthold:

Now, it’s our kill pic from Heroic Antorus:

New Raiding Homepage Banner

Remember the AOTC Mount Photo and submissions?

PvP Pages

Last, but certainly not least, we have a PvP section on the website now.

Much like the Raiding homepage, the PvP homepage has the most recent 10 PvP posts, and links to the rules and complete PvP news feed. It also includes a handy list of PvP-only resources, like addons and macros. The homepage lists requirements for partaking in both casual and rated PvP, and features the picture of us on our mounts after achieving For the Horde.

I continue to try to push out quality of life changes and add new, useful, and fun features to the website for the guild. If you have an idea or a suggestion, fill out the Feedback form and let me know! Is something broken? Submit a Bug Report!

Change to & Reminder About Raiding Rules

I made a slight change to the Raiding Rules & Regulations page today. It was pointed out that I still had “Monday / Wed” listed as the days. This has been corrected to Thursday / Friday.

Also a reminder that because the Raiding Rules were updated for the new season, everyone must re-read them, including those who raided previously or are already Vanguards. We want to ensure that everyone is on equal footing.

Added 3 Additional Questions to Raid Minutes

Didn’t read it yet? You should! Check out the Uldir Pre-Raid Planning Meeting Minutes. It’s required reading for future raid attendees!

Additional questions / clarification I’ve added to the post that I’ve received since the meeting:

Do we need to have the videos memorized / mechanics all memorized?
No! Sorry, that would be totally unreasonable of us. We want you to have a good understanding of mechanics but we do not expect perfection on day one. There are going to be a lot of “Oh, that’s what they meant by XX!” moments as we start raiding.

Can you clarify what you mean by “neck level”?
Yes, of course! By “neck level” we meant “Azerite Level / Artifact Power Level”. We did not mean Heart of Azeroth ilvl. I’ve edited the aforementioned text [in the original post] to clarify this point.

I didn’t read X because Y reasons / I didn’t see it in your post / I must have misheard:
If you don’t see information listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we might have forgotten. Also, if we say something verbally, feel free to tell us “Hey you should add that to a post / put it in raiding announcements”. We don’t want to forget to share important information!

But let me reclarify and reiterate: EVERYTHING posted in Raid Announcements, the Raid News feed, AND the Raider Homework feed is required reading. I also suggest reading the Player Performance category, though that is not currently required.

You can easily cut this down to the “Raid Announcements” and “MoD Website Feed” Discord channels if you don’t want to check the website specially. NOT ALL INFO WILL BE CROSS-POSTED. IT IS ON YOU TO FOLLOW THE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION CHANNELS. “I didn’t see it / didn’t know where to look” is not a valid excuse anymore!


(I’ve also edited some typos. We’re no longer proudly interested in receiving pictures to show off your member.)

Uldir Raid Pre-Planning Meeting Minutes

Wow, guys! What an amazing turnout. We’d like to thank everyone who listened to us and asked good questions about the plans we have for raiding this tier. We hope to see you!

Below is the agenda and the meeting minutes, all information you’ll need to be ready for raids, and more!

Raid Pre-Planning Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction from the Warlords
  • Rules and Regulations changes
  • Where to Find Important Announcements
  • Required Pre-Raid Reading / Viewing
  • Other Helpful Informatives
  • Helping the Raid Pre-Uldir
  • Raid Loot Distribution and Rolling
  • Raid Composition for Week 1
  • Minimum Requirements for Raiding
  • Q&A

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New Discord feature: assign professions, classes, more!

With a huge influx of new members and changes to crafting professions in BFA, I thought now would be an excellent time to test out and implement a new feature in Discord! Khadgar-Bot just got a little more useful. In addition to his other functions, you can assign yourself labels in Discord to show off your profession, class, role, and more. The how-to is immediately below, but if you want to know the “why”, you can skip ahead to the bottom.

Where to Use the new Features

You’ll find a brand new channel called #member-roles under the “General Chatter” category of Discord.

Setting up the Basics

If you’re new to the Discord, you can assign yourself one of two Discord roles: Member, or Friends of MoD. Member is for members (obviously). Friends of MoD are for those on other servers who have PUGed in, aren’t/don’t want to switch servers, etc. You may not be in the guild, but we love to have you!

To set this up, type in one of the two following commands:

!rank Member
!rank Friends of MoD

Please note that “Friends” is plural!

After you’ve set up your relation to the guild, you can set up your class like below:

!rank warlock
!rank demonhunter

You can join multiple classes if you use multiple classes! Also, any two-word phrase becomes one word; demon hunter became demonhunter.

Then, add your professions. All professions – including secondary professions – are included, except for archaeology.

!rank fishing
!rank leatherworking
!rank herbalism

Finally, you can add your “dungeon/raid role” as well:

!rank dps
!rank tank
!rank healer

Here is a list of all joinable ranks (as of this posting), as well as the command to query the list:

Finding others in a Rank / Role

Once you’ve added your own ranks, you can list everyone in a rank!

!memberlist healer

You can use !memberlist for any rank.

!memberlist paladin
!memberlist enchanting
!memberlist tank

Remember: profession ranks are only able to be called as they are written in game. Thus, you would write “leatherworking” and not “leatherworker”. Also, lists are singular – you would ask for the “paladin” list, not the “paladins” list.

Why Assign Yourself Roles? Why Query Others?

Originally, I had it planned for folks only to be able to tag themselves as a particular class. You could then use the memberlist to find others to talk to about pros and cons of different DPS specs, figure out what weakauras they prefer, figure out how they’re dealing with specific mechanics, and more.

As I started working on Khadgar, I realized it would be great to include profession information as well. The Scrapper gives us an unlimited supply of materials – many of which we do not even need. But, someone else can benefit! If you have an excess of blood-stained bones, and don’t want to sell them, you can query !memberlist leatherworking and see if any of them have a need for the item. If you’re not sure how to find your next flask recipe, !memberlist alchemy will give you the names of a number of people who might be able to point you in the right direction.

Almost as soon as I implemented this on the Discord, requests came in to set a person’s role/rank in regards to their dungeon and raid role. If your usual dungeon group is lacking specific roles, you can plan ahead by seeing who in !memberlist healer is going to be available when you sign on later.

You can also use memberlists as cross-references. Are you looking for advice on how to handle certain mechanics as a resto shaman? You can cross-reference !memberlist healer and !memberlist shaman to see who else might be able to work with you on this.

Assign Roles in the Channel; Discuss Results Elsewhere

Please don’t use the !memberlist, !rank, etc commands outside of the #member-roles channel. The channel can be muted (and I suggest doing so) because it’s very spammy. Using these commands in other channels will cause a lot of unnecessary blips. I’ll be purging the channel every once in a while so people don’t have to scroll to see usage instructions.

If you’ve found what you’re looking for (another rogue to ask questions of, a tank for your dungeons, etc), use the #general channel to discuss and plan. Others may be able to chime in or benefit from the discussion at hand. Plus this way the conversation won’t get lost when the channel is purged, or even cut-off mid-sentence.

I continue to try to push out quality of life changes and add new, useful, and fun features to the website for the guild. If you have an idea or a suggestion, fill out the Feedback form and let me know! Is something broken? Submit a Bug Report!

How to Participate in Raid Meeting Q&A

We expect a big turnout for the Uldir Raid Info meeting on Thursday. 50+ people have signed up. If even half of those who signed up attend, it’s going to get real crazy in the Discord channel. Please mute your microphone during the meeting and do not ask questions or speak up out of turn. Hold off on questions and commentary until the very end. Anyone who speaks up out of turn may find themselves muted and even removed from the channel.

If you have questions before (or that arise during) the meeting, keep track of them in a notepad or otherwise on your own device. Don’t ask/type them during the meeting until Q&A time, please. It will only distract yourself and others and you may miss important information while the Raid Leads are talking.

There will be a post in the Raiding Announcements channel that will have a hand emoji react on it. If you have a question (or several), please react to it. We’ll be answering questions based on the names that react to the post. This is to keep 20 people from speaking up at once all over one-another. Once your question or questions have been answered, feel free to un-react to the post (this is especially useful if multiple people have the same question).

One or more of us will be taking minutes during the meeting so we can share and reference all the information we cover as well as the questions that we didn’t anticipate ahead of time.

Mount Quest item share: Child of Pa’ku available!

The drop for the month-long Mount quest (think Un’goro crater or the raptors from Legion) is available! A number of people in the guild are beginning to acquire the quest because IT IS SHAREABLE!

You can read more about the steps to get your mount from this guide:

How to Get it

Step one: Find someone who already has the quest “A Child of Pa’ku” in their quest log. It MUST be this intro quest, none of the others will work.
Step two: Join a group they are in
Step three: They will share the quest with you
Step four: You are now on the quest!

Pay it Forward

All we ask is that if you receive the shared quest from a guildmate, please wait a day (that is, after the daily reset time) before starting the journey to receive the mount. Then if a guild mate wants the quest, you can quickly add them and follow the steps above to help them along on their journey.

Currently, Urostek and Quetzie both have it, as well as a handful of others. Assuming we’re not busy, just request to join the group. You can also ask in guild chat if anyone is available. Just point them to this post for more information!