Donations and Support

Members of the Ministry of Defense benefit from a nice number of perks paid for by some of the members and officers of the guild. While none of these costs is expensive on its own, they do add up over time.

How does the guild benefit?

Example benefits include:

  • Raidbots Premium for the Discord server ($5 monthly, provides instant sims for all server members)
  • Wowaudit Sheet ($3 monthly, provides more teams & character space)
  • Web Hosting & Domain Name costs

Additional expenses that the guild either has used or might use:

  • Discord Server boosts ($5 monthly, as needed to maintain Level 2)
  • Premium ($5 monthly for more teams & custom options)

Funds donated will never be used for our personal gain, and any excess funds will be saved to pay off future monthly expenses or invest in more guild perks / upgrades. Anyone who wants to see ‘where the money goes’ can ask and we will do our best to provide some sort of audit for donators.

What do I get for donating?

Besides the aforementioned boosts? Donators are given a special discord role –  Meme Gatekeeper – and access to a donator-only channel. Nitro boosting also grants access. Not enough? Let us know if you think any perks are worth your time!


If you want any future perks we may offer, please include a note with your Discord and/or in-game name with your donation.