We’re going to ignore Oct 30 – November 5 and pretend it never happened.

Thursday: Mythic

It took us a few tries to get Taloc down. We had some problems with lasers or getting knocked off by the bloods. Generally however, Taloc is as easy on Mythic as it is on other difficulties.


We had some very good pulls on MOTHER with very little downtime between them. We also adopted a new strategy of pulling the boss, resetting, and running into the room to stack right next to the wall. This made the initial transition much cleaner. Crossing became easier over time as we settled into the specifics of knowing when to cross, how, and making sure not to move too far after crossing over.

We still had mishaps caused by lag or improper use of defensives, but we’re really getting the “step 1” part down. Arguably, this is the second hardest part of the fight.

After crossing, we need to kill adds. I will say that this week was generally pretty good. We had casts get off on occasion, but on account of smoother crossings we also had smoother add kills.

We also got better about standing near the wall to melee MOTHER through it. Pets will harmlessly cross through, treants and other summoned abilities can do damage, and of course even casters can safely whack her with a staff! This smidgen of DPS may not seem important now, but you’d be surprised how much it helps later…

After crossing MOTHER into Room 2, dodging mechanics there is pretty easy for us. Then, it becomes a waiting game of knowing when Spirit Link is back off cooldown and making sure we’re ready.

The transition from Room 2 into Room 3 is the most dangerous transition and the hardest to achieve. We need a good setup and we need everyone on the same page.

The yellow line on the left is the wall between rooms 2 and 3. The unhappy face is MOTHER. The silver crescent is Quetzie, marked with the Moon over her head to people know where to stack in Room 1 and now.

During the final Wind phase of room 2, players need to be nearby – but not directly against – the wall of Room 3. Many times,  players are spread incredibly far across the room – even close to the wall of Room 1! They’re never going to make it to the Room 3 wall in time. Instead, during the final Wind phase, drag your character over to Quetzie. Line up with her. She’ll be standing nearby the Room 3 wall, with MOTHER between her and the wall. After the final fire is cast (not before!), the group books it to the wall, throws down all defensives and heals, and crosses as a quick succession – ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR – just like we do in Transition 1.

If all goes well – and so far it only has a small handful of times – we’ll be in Room 3, casting lust, and gunning down the adds, then treating Room 3 just as we did Room 2.

It all came together, however – in the nick of time.

We moved up to #11 on the server and remain #1 Horde.

By the way: Remember what I said earlier about DPSing through the wall? We killed MOTHER when her room was at 94% full. That left us with mere seconds left for a kill.

Or, as expressed by Miatreeleafa on stream seconds before we got her:

Also, congrats to Tusker for hitting a gold parse on the kill:

For those curious: we had 51 wipes on MOTHER, or 45 not counting the “week we don’t speak of”. We really only had 2 nights spent working on her, so that’s not so bad!

Thursday Mythic logs

Friday: G’huun and friends

Because we had a saved lockout from last week, we jumped right into G’huun.

We only had 5 pulls that were what I will call “net garbage” as a result from orb mishaps in phase 1. We had many pulls reach well into phase 2 and 5 into Phase 3, with 3 pulls at 90 and higher. We comped down and swapped some people around due to mechanic failures, and had a few missteps but not many. Our kill was clean, however – once again we had nobody die until Phase 3.

Congrats to our new AOTC title holders: Deathhoss, Eviandrae, Avianne, Nari, Lillithh, and Sylvvannas.

After G’huun, we went to Ripblade’s lockout: he had an opening on Zul and Mythrax.

Zul was a 1-shot, which has never happened before. Everyone was very clean. Interrupts on Hexers, downing Crushers fast, the tanks did a good job at dropping their debuff, and ranged stacked mid. We had a good transition, too. Hopefully we can emulate this in future weeks.

Mythrax was a little less clean (to say the least). We actually had both tanks die, resed one, and he dies again. Fortunately, we had enough DPS and HPS to keep the fight going for a kill.

Friday logs

Monday: Alt Night

Alt night is slowly but surely transitioning into more and more Heroic bosses. We went on Normal first, skipping the first three bosses. In future weeks we’ll be continuing to up this number.

Normal is almost boring at this point, even 2 healing it as we were sometimes. G’huun we needed more healing and had a few problems with orb runners (mostly healing issues and a miscommunication with new runners). But it only took us 3 tries.

Taloc and Mother on Heroic were 1 shots. We did move MOTHER into room 3, which is unusual for us on heroic, but we needed the practice transitioning.

Monday Logs 1
Monday Logs 2

BoE Farm and Guild Bank repairs

On account of having a post-MOTHER lockout, we spent some time Sunday and after alt night on Monday farming BoEs. We’re happy to announce that we got 5 Mythic BoEs and 1 random-drop BoE. This windfall ensures that we will have plenty of money in the guild bank, and thus the repair allocation for Vanguards and Gladiators has been increased. Hopefully we can make this a recurring event as we continue to kill bosses on Mythic, and then will be set for quite a while.

Social Media

As you might be aware, MoD is now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re holding a contest for anyone who follows us and submit their MoD stories! You may have already read Deiselboy’s account, so it’s time to share yours!

Plus, who wants to miss out on this sort of quality content:

I love endorsements!

Posted by MODaeriepeak on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thank you everyone who has contributed to the guild bank repair fund by either donating raid BOEs, gold, or items for me to sell on the auction house. More guild bank repair funds means more guild bank repair allocations for everyone, and I hope to increase the repairs again soon. All the guild bank money goes solely to fund guild bank repairs. It is not used for any other purpose.

Just a reminder, we do have a mythic Uldir BOE farming event tonight at 6pm EST. Please try to be available to attend. You do not have to be a mythic raider to participate. The purpose of this event is to collect Uldir mythic BOE drops for sale on the auction house to fund more guild repair allocations.

Sunday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, we will be farming Mythic Uldir trash for BoEs.

This is not a “personal farm day”.

All BoEs that drop during this time are to be given to Urostek so that we can deposit all funds into the Guild Bank. As it’s been previously mentioned, we are tearing through guild repairs at an alarming rate. Selling some Mythic BoEs will help stave off the slow drain that happens in an expansion where gold is hard to come by.

We will be forming at least one, preferably two groups, and farming over the course of several clears. Kill all trash, walk out, reset, repeat, until we either lose our minds or enough BoEs drop that we feel good about our potential bank deposits.

Because we are only clearing trash, anyone who feels they can survive the trash is welcome to come. You don’t have to be Mythic or even Heroic geared to join in. We encourage everyone to join us, regardless of whether or not you intend to raid. Guild Repairs benefit everyone!

Thursday: M.O.T.H.E.R. F-

Taloc took two attempts to down; we lost a priest early because the definition of “loosely stack” middle was…well, taken loosely. After we restarted the fight and settled that, it was relatively smooth sailing.


Much like G’huun last week, I’ll be doing a breakdown of some of the problems on MOTHER.

Some of these stats may be a little misleading (purposefully getting hit by mechanics to die on a wipe call) so it’s important to pay attention to the information as a whole; a person who lives the longest throughout a fight, but has high laser or sanitizing strike damage / hits, probably hit them to wipe easier.

Also, some people weren’t present for all pulls. Sheekey doesn’t need to worry about some stats, while Neko should pay closer attention to overall trends.

Interrupts / Stuns

Depending on comp, we’re going to come up with a stun order for this week. We routinely lost Plutonic and Wendal to melee damage from 15 adds. This means people were using stuns right off the bat without paying attention to other CD uses. We’ll work on this so it doesn’t happen!

Uldir Defensive Beams

A number of people are getting hit by wall beams (usually on the room 2-3 transition), but several more are getting hit because they don’t move quickly enough. The ceiling beams are also deceptive – people will stand in the correct spot, but then move out of safety before the ceiling beams reach the floor (usually because the wall beams have passed, they feel “safe”).

Not all hits resulted in deaths, but it’s an undue amount of damage that the healers have to take care of during an already tricky movement fight. There won’t be a lot of damage going out as long as people are properly following mechanics.

We’ve taken to calling out “STAY!” when the wall beams pass, but we don’t always remember.

Remember also that wall beams move sooner than ceiling beams. Move into a place of safety for wall beams, THEN move into the ceiling beam location if you aren’t at one yet. If you bee-line for the safe spot of both, you’re liable to get hit with a laser or two.

Behold, glorious Quetzie artwork.

If you’re standing at the bisect of green and red, run along green (to the bottom of the picture) and THEN run to the ceiling safety location. Running alone the red (diagonal) will kill you.

Sanitizing Strike

Sanitizing strike should be easy for most ranged people to dodge, unless a tank points it at them. Melee will often have trouble resulting from wind + SS being tough to get around.

SS is also a common way to die when there is a wipe call; if your name is high on the list, check to see if/when you’ve died from the spell. For example, I died to it 3 times – all at 92% or more into the fight. This likely means it was a wipe call, and my actual hits were 2 rather than 5.

Purifying Flame

There are two instances of purifying flame: one caused by swirlies on the ground after MOTHER casts Sanitizing Strike, and one caused by the fire when winds are active. I did NOT track the winds one.

Given our strat, some incidental damage is expected at the start. However, as long as we’re smart, we can avoid most of the incoming flame damage right away.

Behold, more glorious Quetzie artwork.

If we all stack tightly together (red in this image) and move left when flame goes out, we’ll be able to avoid all of the damage from PF. You can move left and move into the wall when called out to do so.

Even with our strat, some people are just getting hit more than expected. Try to dodge PF, even within spirit link. Sitting and taking the damage is just causing unnecessary stress on people.

Healthstone Usage VS Early Deaths

If your name is not on the left, you never used a healthstone. If your name is not on the left (or is very low) AND your name is high on the right, you really need to fix this.

There are a few takeaways I have at a glance.

Neko, Belle, and Telann are a bit SoL on account of being Cleansing Purged a few times. Wendal and Plutonic are dying early to excessive melee add damage through no fault of their own, but are still popping Healthstones to try to survive the onslaught. Hopefully a good stun rotation will prevent those early deaths.

Hoss is the second highest healthstone user, but is in the top 10 earliest deaths. This likely means he needs to position better for mechanics like lasers (see also my doodle above), but Hoss is working extremely hard to stay alive in the event that he does fail a mechanic (mostly, I blame being a fat tauren death knight for those failures). Melee with low movement tend to suffer on this fight, so it’s important to peel away from the boss early to find better positioning for lasers when we call out that they’re coming. On the other hand, Kamahl doesn’t show up on the left at all, and died around the same time as Hoss in fights. If he used healthstones, it’s possible – even probable – that he could have lived significantly longer each fight.

Conversely, Foxxie is the #1 healthstone user, but is one of the last folks to die in a fight. Partially this is because of healthstone usage. Jibbles, Tusker, and Quetzie are the top 3 survivalists, and also have high healthstone usage.

“But I’m saving healthstones for phase 3!”

Yeah well….fuckin’ don’t. We’re progressing. If more of us live to see room 3, then we can start to worry about saving healthstones for that room. In the meantime we never got a proper rotation in room 3, so it’s a bit of a bust to save the stones for it.


At the end of the night we were getting into room 3 with some success. We need to time our crossing better to not overlap with wind, and save stampeding roar for the occasion if there are lasers to get to. The entire group crosses at once, so every big cooldown should be used (except healthstones – pop those when you’re out of spirit link!)

Thursday Logs

Friday: Heroic Fetid+

This week we tried something new, and started on Heroic Fetid. Taloc and MOTHER are easy to PUG on heroic now, and we’re starting on them for alt night (since normal heroic and mother were skipped regardless).

We had smooth sailing on Fetid, Zek, and Vectis, as usual. We practiced the Mythic strat on Zek’vos for moving the boss to each marker. It’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s good for us to do it now.

Zul gave us some expected problems. We tried the zerg strat a few times, which failed (not unexpected). We also realized that part of the failure was resulting from Laser Matrix, which is uncontrollable when a person soaking a pool stands too close to a hexer. We abandoned zerg strat because Blizzard is apparently an italian company full of spaghetti code.

We also experimented with changing lust times; initially we’d been lusting after Locus, then remembered that our successful kills had us lusting beforehand. Lusting to kill a crusher before Locus was the smoothest we’ve gotten. At that point, it’s on the tanks to run out stacks, pallies not to BoP the tank in the middle, and healers not to dispell people in the middle of the room (because those fear adds are nasty). We still got him down – our second Zul kill.

Mythrax was sort of a mess. Too many people stacked too tightly at the start of the fight. Not enough interrupts went out. Our DPS was spread too far and too thin, resulting in adds unable to be cleaved down. A second attempt resulted in our second kill. Everyone was alive at the end of it and it was extremely clean. A very good feeling!

G’huun we looked at only very briefly; we have a few people we want to practice orb running in the meantime.

Friday Logs 1
Friday Logs 2

Monday: Alt Night

We went into Heroic Taloc and MOTHER, since we skipped them on friday. After that, we went back to normal and did Fetid+.

For the first time, we one-shot everything AND came in under the two hour mark.

Monday Logs

Guild Repair Money

There’s some concern lately that guild repairs are putting too much of a drain on the bank. Urostek has put some of his own money into the bank a few times, which is not fair to him when we all rely on it so heavily.

A few ideas have been tossed around. One is selling all Mythic BoEs and putting proceeds in the guild bank. Another is selling all heroic or normal BoEs, but letting those who get mythics keep them. Another is selling Mythic BoEs and putting a percentage of sales in the bank. Another is to schedule farm nights after we down MOTHER to try to get BoEs just for the purpose of filling the guild bank. Still other ideas are farming old raids or selling potions / flasks / etc to guildies as a discount and putting that in the bank.

If you have thoughts or opinions on the matter, post in the raiding discussion discord channel. We’re all ears!


I’m behind on both the raiding attendance page and the audit sheets. Don’t worry, that’s a penalty on me, not on you!

There are a couple of new guild ranks. Warlord will remain for our Raid Leaders, but a new rank, Warbringer, will be for the PVP Leaders. The Guild Praetor position was condensed with the current officer rank, Legati. All the other guild ranks are unaffected.

If you raid, or want to raid, speak to a Warlord.

If you PVP, or want to PVP, consult a Warbringer.

Do not forget about the guild’s Hallow’s End Transmog Contest currently underway at: http://ministryofdefense.net/halloween

Thursday: G’huun Practice

Thursday was spent entirely practicing orbs and phase transitions. It wasn’t until about 2 hours in that we started to have some really smooth pulls – early orb transitions, few mistakes on corruption orbs, etc.

Unfortunately, too many people were failing simple mechanics.


We had 25 pulls. There were a few that got screwed super early. But essentially, unless you’re an orb runner, you should be interrupting on every pull that gets past phase 1. Now, I don’t think this counts unsuccessful casts (if two people cast at the same time but one is wasted). There are also some interrupts that aren’t tracked on the above list. That being said, it’s obvious that some people were more successful in their attempts than others.

Virulent Corruption (oatmeal balls)

There’s also issues with Virulent Corruption. If you don’t run corruption out of the group, you’re going to drop it on top of people. If you bee-line for the nearest wall without paying attention to melee, you’re going to drop it on top of people. If you’re not paying any goddamn attention, you’re going to drop it on top of people. Or you’re going to get hit by orbs. For example:

Notice how 3 of the top 5 people hit are melee. More than likely, their hits are caused by people dropping debuffs right on top of them. It’s also possible that they weren’t paying attention, but we’ll give them some benefit of the doubt. Ignoring ibroke (who DCd early), and plutonic, the bottom 15 are all ranged classes. It’s VERY easy to dodge orbs for ranged classes if you’re standing out of the middle but not on top of the melee. Ranged DPS / healers who have high hit counts are spreading the debuff like wildfire for no reason at all. Melee DPS who ignore their warnings or ranged DPS who tunnel the nearest wall without communicating have hurt the group.

I downloaded a weakaura that will tell me who is “most guilty” of not dodging these things. You can get it here. I will be calling out at certain intervals who is getting hit so they know they need to improve.


There were also issues of ineffective communication. “I fucked up the orb” doesn’t help us. Did you drop the orb? Are you stuck? Did you not pick it up? Do you need someone from the ground to rescue you? Are you talking to your backup, or the group as a whole? etc. Be specific if something happens with orb running.

Wave of Corruption

In later stages we hit issues with Wave of Corruption. Some of it was simply that we had too many bodies. Others weren’t paying attention. Here is a weakaura to help you track if you’re safe or not. If the circle turns red, you need to move. If you’re a ranged DPS, don’t stand near the boss! Be at MAX range so healers can be between us and melee, and melee have room to spread.


Overall, healthstone usage was pretty good. Many people with high death counts also had high healthstone usage (“hits” in the 3rd column). However, there are some people who didn’t do so well. Keep improving upon this!

Lessons Learned

In general, we learned a lot on Thursday. For one, we had too many bodies on the field. That made dodging orbs incredibly difficult, and made Phase 3 almost impossible with wave of corruption. We needed to trim back. For another, our orb runners got incredibly fast and got their runs down easily over time. We ended up benching people for our next attempt on Friday. If you got benched, here are some things to remember:

  • Interrupt often! There’s plenty of casts going off. You should be able to get one cast off every time.
  • Careful running out your explosive corruption. In Phase 1, call out to melee to get out of your way, or find a different spot to drop it (ideally the former).
  • Use all abilities in your toolkit. If you have speed buffs, use them to get to the wall faster and safer. If you have a defensive, pop it when you have a debuff or sense incoming damage from wave. If you get low, pop a healthstone.
  • Be smart about ability cooldowns. If you’re an orb runner, save your movement (disengage, dash, retreat, etc) for orb running. Don’t use them when you know you’ll need them for orbs. It’s more important to call out “I will need heals” or “Watch purple side for orbs” if you know that you’re going to mess up a different mechanic.

Practice these mechanics on Mondays and you’ll be AOTC ready in no time.

Thursday logs

Friday: AOTC, Mythic Taloc, and Heroic farm


We trimmed the group from 27 down to 20 and found much smoother sailing. Not only did fewer bodies mean fewer people to avoid in Wave of Corruption, it meant fewer balls to dodge from Virulent Corruption. It meant that those who were average or worse on mechanics did not cause cascades of mechanical failures on everyone else.

As a result, we downed G’huun in two tries.

We had 10 people left alive at the end, and everyone was alive going into the last phase. That’s extremely important for a successful attempt! Our first attempt, we lost 2 healers in the bloodlust phase, which meant 2 healers down for the worst part of the fight. We’d gotten it to 7% and so knew we had a kill on our hands anyway.

Mythic Taloc

Riding the high of our earliest AOTC to date as a guild, we decided to go run after Taloc.

Taloc was basically a cakewalk. He has one new mechanic worth talking about, and a group that can communicate effectively has no problems dealing with it. We merely loosely grouped middle (rather than tightly stacking as in heroic). When it came time to move the damage out, there was plenty of room to spread in all directions and for non-affected party members to find safe zones.

Needless to say, we killed him too – in one go.

This was the guild’s first kill of a Mythic boss while the tier was active. We’re incredibly excited to climb the rankings!

Killing G’huun and Taloc embedded us at #1 Horde on the server and #14 overall on the server. Downing 2 bosses will bring us to #9 overall; downing 3 will bring us to #5 overall. We’re really looking forward to showing everyone what the Ministry of Defense is capable of!

After we killed Taloc, we returned to Heroic. We blasted through the normal bosses as much as we could, dragging through alts or people who might not otherwise qualify based on ilvl. We one-shot everything, and ended before Zul, a bit early – 15 minutes wouldn’t be enough to clear trash and get a look at him, unfortunately.

G’huun Heroic logs
Mythic Taloc logs
Heroic Taloc logs
H Mother – Zekvos logs

Saturday: Guild LFR

Ok, so, nothing to say about LFR. I don’t keep logs or anything. I won’t go over it in detail. But I thought it nice to point out that we were 23/25 slots of MoD people this weekend in the LFR queue. Guild LFR is a lot of fun, you should join!

Monday: Alt Night

Alt night was, as usual now, a total breeze…until we hit Mythrax and G’huun. Mythrax had too many people clumped too close together. There’s no reason for rdps to be standing anywhere but MAX range. Also, be sure to interrupt often! We’re watching. G’huun we had people practice orb running for the first time. In the end, too many people struggled on alts to learn it, so we went with 3 groups to get it done fast. However, we want everyone to be able to do it, because we never know who will be around for Heroic in the future.

Mythic and Heroic: New Schedule

Due to our success in AOTC and Mythic Taloc, we’re starting a new raid schedule.

Thursday: Mythic
Friday: Heroic (starting at Fetid if possible)
Monday: Heroic Taloc & Mother, Normal Fetid+

Mythic is capped at 20 people. As a result, we have to be pretty tight on invites for now. Heroics will continue to simply be “whoever qualifies”.

There are two potential paths we can go from here.

First, we can run 2 groups: a mythic group and a heroic group. We can have Mythics thursday/friday, and Heroics can run whenever the group decides.

Or, we can run two Mythic groups alongside one another.

At the moment, we have 32 Vanguards. Whether we recruit up to 2 full mythic teams, or simply have a heroic team and a mythic team running concurrently, is entirely up to the group.

If we get enough interest in running 2 full mythic teams, we will have to recruit our hearts out, because that means 40+ names (in case some folks can’t make it, we need fills). On a low pop server such as ours, finding 40+ mythic raiders will be a challenge!

But…the Warlords are up to the task of fielding 2 Mythic groups. We’re still running heroic fridays to gear up those struggling in the 360-range that can’t quite get up to 370 yet. The current Thursday Mythic crew will get as much knowledge and gear as possible on all members before splitting between teams, so they can share the wealth of knowledge and make up for any small mistakes made by those who’ve yet seen Mythic mechanics. Eventually, we plan to run Heroic on monday alt nights (regardless of ilvl) and start doing Mythic twice a week. Hopefully this won’t take more than a few weeks to achieve.

At that point it will be very fast to gear up your alts, your friends, and new recruits to Mythic level. We can continue to swap team members around as needed. There won’t be an A / B team situation if we can avoid it.

Of course, this is all up to you guys. Not everyone wants to be a Mythic raider. Not everyone will have the time or ability, which is fine. Mythic takes quite a lot out of you – it’s more of a tedious grind than anything else in the game. On the other hand, Mythic is exciting and there’s a sense of pride that comes with it.

We’ll focus on what the group wants to do and how we can go about those goals on Friday.

For those who haven’t heard, Ministry of Defense downed Heroic G’huun last Friday.  It took us less than two months to get through heroic – a first for the guild. The same team also downed Mythic Taloc, which is our first Mythic kill while a tier is still active. (More information on the future of Mythic raiding will come later!) Needless to say, the guild leadership is incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication our raiders have put in.

Mount Raffle

As Urostek mentioned, those who were present for the kill were entered into a raffle for an in-store mount. Initially Plutonic won, but he passed, and the prize went to Tusker. Congrats! Tusker chose the Grinning Reaver:

We’d like to acknowledge everyone who was present on our G’huun runs, whether they were practice runs or in on the kill (marked with *):

Tanks: Telann *, Ripblade*
DPS: Bighoss, Urostek*, Cynna, Ibrokewind, Lineda*, Plutonic* / Avarkus, KamĂĄhl*, Psychoshift, Quetzie*, Nighteld, Orektarg*, Nekoluna, JudĂ€sprĂŻest, Harmesi*, FoxxiĂȘ*, Jibbles*, Sheeked / Sheekey, Tusker*, Zextol*, Wendal*
Healers: Harvesting, Miatreeleafa*, Treeson*, Rwandarousey*, Bellelina*, Corignis*, Grimmshock*

10,000 Gold Raffle

As a thank-you for those who ran and practiced with us but who were not in on the kill, I ran a separate 10,000 gold raffle which excluded everyone who was present for the kill.

Ibrokewind (aka Dotsmoredots or Furrybuddy) won the “sorry you missed it” raffle.

Everyone on our team is an important contributor to our success. Whether you miss a boss kill because of real life circumstances or because you’ve been temporarily benched, we still value your contributions. We are a team! And of course, we fully expect that all of you who missed our first kill will get AOTC with us in the future anyway!

Potential Raiders

If you are looking to get into raiding, now is an excellent time.

This Saturday we had an almost entirely full guild run of LFR (23/25 were MoD). Guild LFR is a good time for those who have never raided, who want to try a new spec, or who simply want to hang out in Discord with us goons (: If you’re tired of wiping on Zul trash or MOTHER transitions, Guild LFR is the place for you! Guild LFR starts at 2pm PST / 5pm EST, and runs until we finish all 3 wings (usually 1.5-2 hours).

We run Normal Uldir “alt night” every Monday, which currently has an ilvl requirement of 340 (but honestly, if you’re around 335, I won’t tell anyone…and since I handle invites, it’ll be our little secret!). We skip normal Taloc and MOTHER, which gives us just enough time to finish out at G’huun before it’s time to call it for the night. Alt Night starts at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, and lasts for 2 hours.

Fridays will continue to be Heroic. Heroic has an ilvl requirement of 355. We may end up skipping Taloc and MOTHER to give us more loot from bosses we have seen less of (Zul, Mythrax, G’huun). Currently, the plan is for Fridays to act as a way to buff up our “undergeared” Heroic raiders, who are stuck in that 360-365 rut that is hard to climb out of. (Eventually, monday alt night may become Heroic night, as we will be able to blitz though and quickly “carry” anyone who needs gear up to a Heroic level regardless of their current gear.) Heroic starts at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, and lasts for 3 hours.

Thursdays are Mythic. As Mythic raids are capped at 20 people, we will have to be pretty picky about the Thursday team – for a few weeks, anyway. However, we currently have 30 Vanguards. We’d LOVE to fill out our roster with two full Mythic raiding teams, which means 40+ people. We do NOT plan on running “A Team” and “B Team” mythic comps. No one on the MoD raiding roster should feel that they got “stuck” on the “unsuccessful” team, because both teams will be successful. Stay tuned in the next day or so for more info on what this means for everyone who has an interest in Mythic raiding!

If you haven’t raided before, you will need to read the Rules and Regulations (required for normal and heroic, not LFR). I also suggest reading the Pre-Season FAQ from our pre-uldir launch meeting, though some of that post is now outdated.

Congrats guys and gals on last nights raiding successes in Uldir! We are currently 1/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N, 8/8 LFR 🙂 ! If you were asked to sit last night, please make sure to watch the videos, read about the encounters, learn the fights, and how the role you play applies to the encounters.

Special thanks to Quetzie for raffling off an in-game store mount for last nights participants. You rock!