Raiding Congrats!

Congrats to the guild for once again clearing the first four bosses of Antorus on heroic difficulty! If you want to raid with the group as we progress, you need a minimum ilvl of 940 and read (and agree) to the rules for raiding located on our website. The next progression raid is this Saturday at 5pm eastern/2pm server.

Weekly Raffle Winner and more!

Congrats to Brassica for winning the weekly 10,000G raffle! And congrats to Sephirothina for winning a Touch of the Void trinket!

This week’s Weekly 10,000G Giveaway is a bonus… it’s going to be 20,000G courtesy of Ganelon! Sign up for Discord to enter the raffles.

Heroic Raid Progression this Saturday 2pm server/ 5pm eastern

Just a reminder, we are progressing in heroic Antorus this Saturday. If you want to raid with us, you need an ilvl of 940 and make sure you have read the rules and requirements to raid (located here: AND have either messaged Zextol, Ganelon, Telanlan, or Quetzie that you agree to the rules by Saturday AM. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is to ensure the success of the guild as we progress through harder material.

Catching up on the Grats!

Congratulations to the following raffle winners for the past week:

Auksana for winning a Empyrial Titan Crown of the Peerless (Mastery/Crit) courtesy of Ganelon!

Starblade for winning the Vigilance Perch Mail Legendary courtesy of Quetzie!!

Ripitnsipit for winning Four 30 slot Hexweave Bags courtesy of Wolframheart!

Raldrice for winning a Void Shrouded Satchel/Touch of the Void trinket!

and last but not least…

Ganelon – You won the Weekly 10,000G Giveaway!

Tomb of Sargeras Guild Run Raffle Winners

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Tomb of Sargeras Guild Run Achievement this past Monday! We have two winners for the raffle we just held for those who participated. Lisse won a Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge (Leather Legendary) and Lunzzul won 5000g courtesy of Ganelon.

Be sure to sign up for this Sunday’s (3/25) Legacy Guild run at 3:30pm server/6:30pm eastern. There will be another raffle for those who help out and participate!