Raiding Rules and Regulations

(Updated 9/5)

Due to Blizzard being a shitter, we’ve lowered the initial ilvl to 340 for now. Azerite level is not a hard cutoff, so if you’re not 21 yet, don’t worry. Just show effort and be close!

Basic Rules:

  • Be on time
  • Don’t stand in fire
  • Use the Discord
  • Be kind


Raid attendants are required to be punctual.

Invites start going out at 3:30 PST / 6:30 EST. Raids will begin promptly at 4:00 PST / 7:00 EST (Thursday / Friday).

Anyone interested in joining after raid begins may still join by in game messaging the active Warlord your role. We will let you know if a spot opens up for you after the current boss fight is over.

If you are leaving a run early, please whisper Quetzie at least one boss pull before you need to log off so we can find a replacement if necessary.

Attendees who are late or leave early will only be given ½ credit towards the day’s attendance logging.


Current progression runs will have an item level requirement of 340, azerite level 21, and basic understanding of boss mechanics. Please see the “RAID ANNOUNCEMENTS” channel on Discord, or the Raider Homework and Player Performance categories on the website, for relevant information.

Please help us to make our guild’s raiding experience enjoyable for all and ensure you meet these requirements before attending any progression scheduled run.

Once a boss has been 1-shot more than three (3) times it will be considered a Farm Boss will have more lenient participation rules. Regardless of boss farm status, poor performance resulting in 3 raid wipes may result in you being benched for the remainder of the boss or the raid night.


The Discord channels will be our primary source of notification for all of the following.

  • Raiding Announcements: General updates such as raid cancellations, time changes, current progression boss encounter videos and special events being offered to Vanguards
  • Raiding Discussion: Discussion on any of the mentioned notes in Raiding Announcements. If you cannot attend a raid, will be late, etc, post it here.
  • Raiding Logs: Warcraft Logs posts for the night

Raids and other events will still be posted on the in-game calendar with a brief summary, but please see the aforementioned channels for the most information. Any immediate in game questions may be whispered to one of the Warlords and we will do our best to help you.

Discord and DBM or Big Wigs is required; guild members do not have to speak on voice but will be asked to join in on the voice “RAIDING CHANNEL”. Please limit conversation before and during encounters so the boss strategy may be clearly explained. One five minute break will be issued after approximately each hour.

Important raid features (ie. Battle Rezzes and Bloodlusts) will be directed by the Warlord. If you are not included in any special direction, please allow the designated person to do so.

Vanguard status:

After a guild member has attended a total of five (5) individual Raid events in one month they will be promoted to “Vanguard” in the guild. This feature will grant you access to the Raiding Equipment tabs in the guild bank, a higher guild bank repair bill, a spot featured on the Raiding Team page, and qualify you for special events such as progression boss raffles and celebrations. In order to keep this status, the Vanguard is asked to make at least 66% of raids per month. Attending a raid for 2 of 3 hours will net you partial attendance for the day. If you leave the raid after 2 hours but remain online in WoW you will receive zero attendance points for skipping the last hour. This is subject to change as we transition into new raid times. You can track this on the Raid Attendance page.

Abuse of the guild bank tabs may result in raid suspension or removal from Ministry of Defense. Vanguards missing two weeks’ worth of runs without any prior notice to a Warlord will have their Vanguard status removed and will need to repeat the original steps to restore it (please let us know of any vacations, leaves of absences, operations, etc. and we will do our best to pardon the situation).


Raid attendees are required to utilize all of the following buffs:

  • Food
  • Flasks
  • Augment Runes (if available)
  • Buff Potions (e.g. Battle potions if available)
  • Enchantments
  • Gems

Vanguards can track their gems, enchants, and more on the Ministry of Defense WoW Audit Sheet.

These items will be available in the guild bank and distributed on raid nights. Feasts will be provided only after full wipes; individual character deaths will be expected to utilize personal items. Contributions are always welcome!

Congratulations on making it this far in the rules. In order to attend raids, make sure that you private message a Warlord (via Discord or in-game mail) a confirmation that you’ve read them. Be sure to include the phrase “pizza confetti” alongside your comment so that we know you’ve actually read the rules and aren’t just saying you’ve read them. If you send us a message saying you’ve read them, but haven’t sent us “pizza confetti”, you will not be attending. Please don’t discuss the secret phrase with others – it is ridiculous on purpose.

Loot system:

Once loot has been received, players who wish to offer up an item for roll will whisper the item to Telann. All loot rolls will be posted and closed by him (highest roll from 1-100 wins). Main spec rolls will be offered first, followed by off spec, and lastly character alts. BoE items belong to whoever receives them and may also be offered to others for roll at that players discretion. You are not required to offer an item up for trade.


Depending on the severity and frequency of an attendee’s infractions, Warlords may decide to temporarily or permanently bench a player from attending raid nights. Certain circumstances at Warlords discretion will be considered.

Thanks, all

Our goal is to progress through current content while still offering a fun experience for everyone attending. Please refrain from any disrespectful comments, either written or spoken to one another, and the obligatory bragging posting of recounted data. This is a learning group and mistakes are expected, but will certainly be worked to be corrected. For any additional questions, feel free to ask a Legati or Warlord.