Starting in Battle for Azeroth, the Ministry of Defense is assembling PvP teams! We’ll be practicing in battlegrounds and branching out to other Rated brackets. Keep an eye out for casual events as well, to hone your skills and draw people who may be new to PvP into the fold.

Right now, Sundays and Tuesdays are Rated events. All rated events will start at 5pm server time (or 8pm Eastern time). This may change as we get deeper into the expansion and people’s schedule’s change. Look in the PvP channels in Discord to be a part of those discussions!

Sunday Funday returns this weekend with a PvP-centric event!

From Mystickittie (Sunday Funday Coordinator):

The Sunday Funday event this Sunday, Oct 22nd, will be open world pvp event. With warmode on, as a group, we will do the spark quests for anybody that needs them, the available pvp quests, etc. If we have enough for a raid group we will work on the Dragonfight Club achievement, kill rares in war mode, and overall be a group of terror against the alliance. This will be a horde only character event due to not wanting to kill our own guild members for Sunday Funday!

We will start grouping in discord voice at 4:45pm EST this upcoming Sunday! The event will run until 7pm EST.

PvP Duels Tournament this Saturday!!!!

This Saturday, June 24th, grouping at 8:30pm EST, we are hosting a PvP duels bracket tournament. First place gets a choice between 2 prizes, second gets whichever the first place winner passes on.
Prizes will be either a store mount or a wow token of gold.

While the tournament is underway we will also have a side section for people to get the PvP-dueler achievements.
A spreadsheet for sign ups is linked on our Discord. If you plan to participate, sign up on the spread sheet so we can pre-build the brackets.
Hope to see many of you there for an evening of fun and mayhem!

Sunday Funday is back this week! On a Saturday??

From Hoss:

Do you enjoy playing World of Warcraft and getting mounts, toys, etc?
We have just what you need! We are starting the MoD Funday event again at a new day and time!

On Saturday, May 27th we will be doing the ‘For the Horde’ achievement by slaying the alliance leaders for their achievements and mount!
We have run this event in the past to great success and any who wishes to attend is welcome!
So please come join us for an evening of laughs, battle shouts, mayhem and all-around fun.

Grouping for this Saturday’s Funday event will start at 8:30 pm est, and start time will be 9:00 pm est. The Saturday Funday event will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month with a different in-game activity and focus.

Hope to see you there this week!

A busy week for all teams!


After a rough start on reset day, the PvP team picked up momentum on Sunday and recovered amazingly with a 5 win, 5 loss record for the first week. The team is close to 1k rating already and is well on their way to 1600! With a start like this they could all hit 1800 before the season’s end.

Mythic Raid

The Mythic raid team hit it out of the park this week, with their fastest tier start ever. They killed 8 normal bosses on Thursday, 7 heroic bosses on Friday, and swung back around to finish off Sarkareth in under 20 minutes on Monday, for a first-week total of 9/9 normal and 7/9 heroic. They also ran a combined 616 dungeons this week, with all but 1 teammate (Zex, who was travelling) getting a dungeon over 16 in for the weekly box. Do we smell a week 2 or 3 AOTC?

Heroic Raid

The Weekend Warriors had a wonderful start as well. They downed 7 bosses on normal, which blows their last season’s first-day prog out of the water . It is also no small feat with all the new faces and missing one of their two raid leads for the first night (we miss you, Huge!). Maybe we’ll see an unprecedented Sarkareth kill in week 2 or 3!

Join us!

Are you interested in raiding or PvPing? Or, maybe you’re more of an M+ kinda person? You could join one of our teams, or join the Discord and watch the progress on Twitch!