From Mystickittie, who is now organizing the Sunday Funday event:


Hi! So, I wanted to start Sunday Funday off with a bang by hosting a foot race in Kalimdor for a hefty gold prize.


On this upcoming Sunday the 24th, everybody that wants to join the footrace will create a Tauren Warrior and choose the Red Cloud Mesa starting zone. We will start grouping in the ‘Sunday Funday’ discord voice channel at 4:45pm EST on Sunday. The finish line for the race will not be announced until the race starts. Participants can either body rez, or rez at the graveyard, upon their many deaths towards reaching the finish line! No extra items/gear/potions/heirloom mounts/etc. will be allowed. You can only use whatever gear comes with starting a character at level 1. I will be on my level 70 character, flying above watching the race, and I will be at the finish line to declare the winner. To make the event more enticing, the guild will be awarding the winner a prize of 100k gold.


See you all Sunday!

Our guild streamers will be live for the new expansion launch event. All of them should be up and running for 5+ hours, so you can easily get your new Feldrake mount by hanging out with them! Some information is posted below about their schedules and how to collect your mount! You can also gift them 2 twitch subs to get a unique limited time battle pet!

Twitch promotions for Dragonflight drops are:

November 28th – Dec 1st, watch four hours to earn Feldrake mount
November 28th – Dec 12th, gift eligible channels two subscriptions for Ichabod pet

Go here: and make sure to link your and twitch accounts.

There will be three guild streamers you can hang out with for drops with the following schedule:

Sionz ( will have the following stream schedule for drops:

Monday, Nov 28 through Thursday, Dec 1st—-ALL THE TIME during Dragonflight launch

Monday, Nov 28 through Monday, Dec 12
Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 6pm EST

Quetzie ( will have the following stream schedule for drops:

Monday, Nov 28th
6pm – 11pm est

Thursday, Dec 1
6pm – 11pm est

Friday, Dec 2
6pm – 11pm est

Monday, Nov 28th
Thursday, December 1st & Friday, December 2nd
Thursday, December 8th & Friday, December 9th
6pm – 11pm est

Glock o’ Clock (Sustainna,’s stream schedule:

Mon Nov.28 = 5pm – 10pm EST
Tue Nov.29 = 10pm – 1am EST
Wed Nov.30 = 10pm – 1am EST
Thurs Dec. 1 = 2pm – 7pm EST

Sat Dec.3 = 2pm – 7pm EST
Sun Dec.4 = 4pm – 7pm EST

Submission time has run out, and voting is open! Voting will remain open until November 21st at 11:59pm EST. We will announce the winners Wednesday the 23rd in Discord, in game, and other announcement channels we have.

You may vote once over the course of the voting period per category, regardless of whether or not you partook in it. You may cast 2 votes per category, or 3 votes for Best in Show.

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