First up: Normal Battle for Dazar’alor will require 370 ilvl. Heroic likely 385, unless we blow through normal, then we’ll keep it lower.

Second up: Watch these videos and have a basic understanding of each boss come next week!

Third: Team Red (post incoming soon!) should fill out their planning sheet ASAP so that we can plan on when Red Team will be raiding.

Red Team Planning Sheet

I updated the Vanguard Donation document.

New this month:

  • 75 Crimson Ink
  • 30 Viridescent Ink
  • 200 Slimy Mackerel
  • 200 Akunda’s Bite
  • 5 Vantus Runes

I removed a few donations and slightly reorganized the page as well.

Note that Blue items are currently being sent to Urostek, and Yellow items will be sent to Quetzie. Green items remain Lineda donations.

Remember: You only need to sign up for 1 spot, but you can always send multiple stacks of items anyway.

If you’re ever unable to find the link to this document, remember that you can find it on the left-hand box on the Raiding Home page under the “Required to Raid” heading.

For 9/7, please thoroughly watch the last bosses of Uldir. We’ve included some more complete videos, since Fatboss has not added all bosses for live videos yet. However, feel free to watch whichever videos you please.

Please also concentrate on the Heroic mechanics of Taloc in case we decide to go for him.

For Tuesday, make sure to run a +5 mythic to get sweet M+ loot!

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Here’s a list of strategy guides, cheat sheets, quick facts, and more. These aren’t required reading, but it may help you to parse the information. Keep in mind things change between beta and live so things might wind up different when we do it.

Yunosee’s Uldir Cheatsheets – images with diagrams

Phoenix’s Minimalist Fight Guide – images with diagrams but more text

Xora’s Uldir Guide – written document with diagrams
Xora’s Uldir WeakAura Package

Uldir Minimalist Guide – truncated boss mechanics

Questionably Epic’s Uldir Boss Guides – website with diagrams

Sairy’s Uldir Tactics 1.0 – bulletted list rundown of boss mechanics

Crzypck’s Uldir Raid Strategy Guide – heroic and mythic

How to kill fellow raid members in Uldir – if we catch you doing things in this thread, you’re in for it.


This is the first Raider Homework post for Uldir and BFA. Raiders both new and old should pay a lot of attention!

Focus: Normal

For now, we’re going to be focusing on normal bosses for Uldir. Many videos (like FatbossTV) cover both Normal and Heroic in the same video. Please cross-reference videos with Uldir Abilities to see which abilities are not in normal mode so you don’t get overwhelmed by excess mechanics you don’t need to know right now.

Many videos (such as fatboss) also cover theorycrafting of each boss, how Blizzard could change the boss, etc. Don’t worry about that information. We want you to know the mechanics as they are, not what they could be. Also, assume bugs will have been smoothed out before the raid drops. We are not going to penalize you if abilities have changed or are different as a result of bug fixing between beta and live.

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Just a reminder, we are progressing in heroic Antorus this Saturday. If you want to raid with us, you need an ilvl of 940 and make sure you have read the rules and requirements to raid (located here: AND have either messaged Zextol, Ganelon, Telanlan, or Quetzie that you agree to the rules by Saturday AM. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is to ensure the success of the guild as we progress through harder material.

We’ve updated the Rules & Regulations with new ilvl minimums and clarification of information and what happens when you make infractions on the rules. After you’ve read them, please go into Discord in the raiding-announcements channel and follow the instructions.

Here are the boss mechanics you should be familiar with for this weekend:

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