Hallow’s End Costume Contest 2021

From now until midnight on November 6th, submit screenshots of your character in costumes according to theme! At the end of the submission period, we’ll hold a public vote on this page all throughout Hallow’s End. On November 18th, we’ll reveal who the winners of each category are, and who will walk away with the top prizes!

Best in Show
Pull out all the stops and show us the costume you think will impress us most!
The Urostek
Scar us with the ugliest, mish-mashiest, or gaudiest transmog you can come up with.
Show off your class with the Venthyr!!
Blend in with the nature lovers over in Ardenweald!
Get dirty and grimy with the Necrolords!
Ascend into the skies with the Kyrians!

For full details, including rules and how to enter, check out our Hallow’s End Costume Contest site.

MoD Notes for Heroic Sylvanas Positioning

Tiraffe here, this post should help those on the weekend team help sort out positioning and finish off Heroic Sylvanas.
Phase 1 Intermission:
Snapshot of pull 5 on Monday night, October 4th.
Healers should want to stand closer to the center of the room when the intermission starts (quadrant permitting) so they can stay in range of the rest of the raid. Doing so will increase the chance that one of the center arrows will end up on them. The center arrows usually die faster since there’s usually a big clump of them; the faster a healer’s arrow dies, the faster they can stand still can cast. It is okay to orient along where the center of the arrows are being dropped rather than the actual center of the room for the sake of staying in range.

Melee should be trying to get into melee range of someone else’s arrow while giving themselves enough slack to get pulled if their arrow is on the outside. Dps in general may want to hold onto dps cds through the 3rd set of chains (if 3rd chains actually go off), so they can quickly blow up the intermission chains.

Put yourself in a position where you can help each other the most.

Phase 2:

  1. Platform 1
    Don’t get hit by Darkness, stack beforehand and stay stacked until it’s called to move; don’t move early. Either use the gateway (if it’s placed, don’t be right on top of it) or pop a mobility (without getting hit). If you don’t have a focus macro set up to hit the gateway, just stand in range of the gateway, place your mouse over it beforehand, and hit it as soon as the call is made to move.

    As soon as Sylvanas casts her Wail, she’ll be immune again.
  2. Platform 2,
    Ranged (and ranged healers) stay on the brdige and need to stay stacked to make Darkness easier to dodge. Any ranged with Crushing Dread (purple circle) need to move up onto the chain and position themselves where the next bridge will be. Melee (and melee healers) continue as usual. Dps focus the Souljudge first, healers can dispel the dreads as soon as the Souljudge dies.

    Don’t forget about interrupting the caster mob, especially as the group leaves this platform.
  3. Platform 3
    Whole raid stacks on tanks and focuses the summoner (+ orbs). Summoner should be dead before the 2nd cast of orbs. The Goliath should then die around the time Darkness is cast. Don’t get hit by Darkness. Stack and Stampeding Roar to run out, preferably in the direction of the new bridge. (Gateway debuff usually comes off cd as well, but the area isn’t usually clean enough to find it when needed). Faster classes should try to get across the bridge as soon as it spawns, so that the group is spread on the bridge when Sylvanas does another Banshee Wail.
  4. Platform 4
    1 person needs to be responsible for getting the kick on Sylvanas, ideally a dh or monk who can get there and wait to kick it at the last moment. Raid stacks on the adds, Dreads will spread near the old bridge is. Dps focuses Summoner first. Mass Dispel the dreads once the Souljudge dies next. Sylvanas casts Darkness and Haunting Wave at the same time here. The raid won’t be stacked for this darkness due to dreads being spread already. Thrall spawns the new bridge shortly after the Souljudge dies around the same time, so dodge Darkness as best you can and get across the bridge asap.

    Healers can dispel Crushing Dread on this platform if someone goes above 7 stacks before the Souljudge dies.
  5. Platform 5
    Same as the last platform, someone will need to rush over and ready the interrupt while the rest of the raid catches up. There’ll be a melee stack on boss and a ranged stack for Darkness. The boss will also cast Haunting Wave while on this chain, where melee and tanks will need to run out. Depending on how quickly Sylvanas is dying, she’ll leave early. The main goal here is to have everyone alive in phase 3, folks with offheals should throw them onto any people with the Darkness debuff once Sylvanas leaves. Use the adds that spawn during the phase change to get some extra resources as well. Any dead in phase 2 will have their corpses brought to the platforms in phase 3.

    Try to refresh dots on Sylvanas right before she leaves; she’ll take damage during the p2 intermission.


Phase 3:

Phase 3 Heroic introduces the Banshee’s Fury mechanic, which is a raidwide damage cast Sylvanas does. Fury does additional damage (about 10k) for every instance of puddle dot (Banshee’s Bane) on someone in the raid when Fury’s cast finishes.

Don’t forget that moving between platforms requires walking off the blue edges of the platform, marked in blue here. Lust on 3rd platform. Boss dies once she goes below 50% health. F

or the phase itself, there are 3 goals here:

  1. Tanks manage puddles created by Banshee’s Bane, the rest of the raid avoids them when possible, and healers dispel the tanks once the tanks are in position in a corner (preferably the corner(s) with no jump lines). – This will also require a tank/healer going to the 4th platform to clean up the puddles after Sylvanas casts Banshee’s Bane the 1st time.
  2. Folks with Wailing Arrow need to pop mitigation and jump at the last second with their arrow on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd platform. The tank that gets Wailing Arrow will also need to grab the puddles on the next platform before jumping back (if possible) while popping mitigation. On the 4th platform, Wailing Arrows go to where Skull is, with the rest of the raid near the jumpline by green.
  3. Spread for Darkness/Banshee Wail and Stack for Banshee’s Fury. If the puddles are being taken care of properly, there should be enough space for the raid to comfortable spread. The Darkness targets 2 people each, so everyone needs to be ready to avoid it. For Banshee’s Fury, there needs to be no one with the Banshee’s Bane debuff when the cast finishes. Anyone that picks up the puddle debuff needs to go to a non-jumpline edge of the platform and wait to get dispelled. Priests can finish a Mass Dispel in the back-half of her cast to dispel any stragglers that accidentally grabbed puddles; dispelled puddles have a brief period where they can’t be picked up.
Keep note of the timers for when to spread, stack and pop cooldowns. Don’t pop a dps cd right before she casts Darkness.


9.1 Mythic Self-Evaluations

Hello Mythic Raiders!

Once again, the raid leads are asking you to be critical of your performance. Those who were around in Nathria remember this; for those who are new, don’t sweat.

We’re asking you to send Tiraffe and/or Quetzie a self-evaluation of your performance thus far in the tier. Consider what your strengths are, and where you are struggling. We ask that you tell us 3 things that you can improve on, and how you intend to do so (please be more specific than “die less” or “higher DPS”). These evals don’t have to be long – a few sentences is fine.

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Sanctum of Domination, Tazavesh, and M+ Guides

Short sweet, and to the point.

Sanctum of Domination:

Hazelnutty Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Guides
Mythic Trap Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Guides (starting at the Tarragrue)
Sanctum of Pineapples mechanic minigame
Wowhead Sanctum of Domination Guides – Wowhead

Tazavesh Megadungeon:

Hazelnutty Tazavesh Guide
Mythic Trap Tazavesh Guide
Wowhead Tazavesh Guide

Mythic+ Guides:

Tormented Affix Preview
Class Specialization Mythic+ Guides – check your spec page for tips on what anima powers to take with the new affix


Weekly & Daily things to do to be prepared in 9.1



  • Max renown
  • 4 mythic dungeons
    • Week of 6/29 – 7/5
      • As high as you can go, ideally 18 timed or 19 untimed
    • Week of 7/6 – 7/12
      • As high as you can go
      • To max your GV for the week:
        • One 15+
        • Three 10s
    • In the future: 4 dungeons
      • 8: 236 (heroic GV)
      • 12: 246 (last 2 heroic GV)
      • 15: 252 (mythic GV)
      • Spam highest comfortable for EoD loot (see chart below)
  • Korthia weekly
  • Covenant Assaults / Maw Invasions
    • Once Tuesday – Friday
    • Once from Friday – Monday
  • Tormentors of Torghast
    • Soul cinders
    • Check if you’ve completed it for the week:
      • /run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(63854))
  • Torghast


Korthia Dailies

  • All 3
    • Korthite Crystals
    • Catalogued Research

Sweaty Grindy Optional


Korthia Rares & Treasures

Alt Korthia Dailies

  • Korthite Crystals
    • These are BoE and can be funneled from alts into mains

Tormentors of Torghast (every 2 hours)

  • Soul ash
  • Rep


  • Small amounts of Valor


  • Alternate gear
  • Very sweaty

9.1 Mythic Orientation Meeting

Whether you were able to make it, or whether you weren’t (BULBZ, on a BEACH in FRANCE), we’ve added these minutes to the website per usual so that they’re easy for people to read through or review, especially as we made the meeting as quick and efficient as possible.


Raider Expectations
Finalizing Mains
AOTC Carries
9.1 Prep
Loot Rules
Weekend Filling
Raid Materials / Donations
Mythic + Requirements
9.1 Launch Activities
Raider Evals
Stuff We Forgot

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Quetzie streaming for St. Jude PLAY LIVE 2021

It’s that time of year!

Raid Mom for Kids 2021!

For the last several years, I (Quetzie) have been doing charity streams to benefit various causes. I started in 2019 with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, later raised money for a MoD family in need that fall, and last year donated $500 to various COVID-19 PPE causes. This year I return again and am looking to raise $500 to donate St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with their yearly PLAY LIVE campaign.

To up the ante for my fundraising goal, I am going to be doing a number of incentives to encourage donations. Some of these donations benefit you, while some of these donations just harass me. You’ll have to decide which options suit you best.

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PvP Meeting Minutes 1/30

Gladiator requirements and rewards

  • Attendance of half the PvP events within a month’s period for promotion.
  • 2500g repairs, Access to tabs 5&6 in the guild bank

General rules reiteration

This group is about having fun for everyone both progression and casual minded. Group is also aimed at not following the generally known toxic PvP atmosphere.

New event discussion, new RBG day

Opening polls for interest in a guild bracket style tournament with prizes for incentive

New RBG day confirmed but no definite time yet, to be determined within the next few weeks.

A lot of attendance and players being locked out of groups due to early attendance led to the idea of a new RBG day.

Bring up possible roster system use in reference to comps and attendance for RBGs

Event ideas and Q&A

Q: Will there be rating requirements to not penalize high rated players?
A: There should be organization with requiring rating depending on average rating of the group those specific nights. Also we can utilize things like the other RBG night since we will have multiple, to have some nights focus on lower rating players or alts to get them into RBGs.

Q: How is current rating going to affect the comp especially as we push later ratings?
A: We encourage alts so we can adjust our comp better when we reach those points, and to make our nights a generally easier and fun time instead of having to have a “work with what we got” mentality.

Q: Do alternate unscheduled events still lead to promotions?
A: They can lead to bonus points to maintain or help promotion to Glad or higher positions.

Q: What are the new requirements for RBGs?
A: Upcoming vers % requirements (% to be determined but expect 20%+ to be l ikely), Rating, and new 200 i lvl minimum required to attend now. We will focus more on confirmations now more than before in order to attend RBGs as well, from this point forward the 1 week grace period will be enforced and you will not attend RBGs if you are not a confirmed player; after that period we reminded you to confirm, no exceptions.

Castle Nathria Raid Roundup 01/12/21 – 01/25/21

Since the last raid roundup, the Mythic team has reached 9/10 heroic and 1/10 mythic. The Weekend Warriors are 10/10 normal and 3/10 heroic. Neither team has advanced this quickly into new content before, and both teams are experiencing the pains of fast progression and the stress of improving quickly. We’ll be going over some of the difficult areas that members of each team needs to focus on to get over their respective hurdles – mostly down to better communication and positioning.

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