PvP Rules & Regulations

Information for all PvP Events

What do we do?

  • For short, we PvP!
    • We have done Tol Barad, For The Horde, Gurubashi arena events for prizes, as well as just making raid groups to run other forms of world PvP and be the bane of the alliance!
    • We also do any weekly bonus objectives, like random battleground bonuses, arena bonuses, as well as just doing these for fun and to practice for more competitive aspects, such as rated battlegrounds, rated arenas, and wargames.
    • We do PvP Island Expeditions as well.
    • We hope to have a lot of success in rated PvP and wargames this season!


  • One thing that is very detrimental (and will be the most policed part of this) will be conduct. Anyone who is being toxic, rude, or unpleasant will not be allowed to attend future events with us. This goes for casual events, rated battlegrounds, and our more organized events.
  • Consequences will be on a case-by-case basis.
    • If it is a minor offense, you will be given one warning. Nothing more. If the actions or behavior continue, you will not be allowed to continue coming to events.
    • More serious actions will be determined as needed.
  • The PvP community is known for being very toxic. We are not wanting this branch of our guild to be like this. This is a FOR FUN branch, which will have some aspects of competition.
  • If (and when) we have to PUG a role, you will be expected to treat them with the same courtesy as you would a guild member.

Gladiator (Guild Promotions)

  • This will give you 600g for daily repairs, as well as increased bank access.
    • The promotion will be given to people who actively attend guild PvP events.
  • If you decide to become part of the Rated team, you will be responsible for attending  the rated date set.
    • If you cannot attend, let us know!
  • Attendance will be strict for this because you are a part of a TEAM that is trying to become better and grow. We cannot have people who only show up whenever they want to.
    • If you do not want to be on the rated team, you can still get this promotion via attending at least ⅔  of the monthly events.
    • Excused absences are also accepted. Just let us know beforehand.
  • If you do not show up for a week of events with no contact made to anyone, you will lose your status.
    • You can always gain it back


  • Sunday
    • Funday: 5pm pst / 8pm est (every other)
    • Rated BGs: 5pm pst / 8pm est (every other)
  • Wednesday:
    • PvP Islands: 5pm pst / 8pm est

Rated-Specific Rules


  • You MUST confirm your role(s) and that you have read the rules and regulations with Hoss, Phill, or Frost on Discord 24 hours before a rated time slot.
  • You must provide the following information:
    • Class:
    • Spec:
    • Role:
    • Mic for Discord?
    • Experience?
    • Are you able to participate every other Sunday at 5pm server time?
    • Do you have more than one role that you can play?
  • If you aren’t immediately eligible, don’t worry! We will still set a time aside that week to get you some more experience, gear, whatever you need!


  • Item level requirement will be set at 410.
    • As ratings increase and such, you will be expected to eventually become more geared.
    • Gems and enchants will be required.

Discord and Add ons

  • Discord will be required.
    • If you do not have a mic or do not want to talk, there is a chance you won’t be able to participate. We cannot have a team full of people who won’t make call outs when necessary.
  • There CANNOT be any extra chatter during a match.
    • If it happens, you will be given one warning to cut it. If you don’t, you will be benched
  • Required Addon List
    • Reporter: A detailed battleground map that shows where all of your teammates are, as well as capping times, enemy flag carrier, ect.
    • BattleGroundEnemies: Shows all of the enemy team’s buffs, debuffs, health, ect. It helps with target calling and quick targetting. Only the Enemy half will be required, but the Ally side is also helpful.


  • Roles will be partially determined on who we know will perform well in said role. It will also be determined on who we have night to night.
  • Because there is a limited number of roles,  I encourage everyone to have multiple roles available to ensure you have a spot.
  • If we have to rotate people, it will be on a week-by-week, first come-first serve basis.
  • Flag Carrier
    • Most of the time is not needed, but it is nice to have. Someone with high mobility and high sustainability will hold this role.
  • Healers
    • We will always have 3. Some maps require 4 healers, so we encourage an extra healer that has a strong DPS offspec.
  • DPS
    • Self explanatory. Can kill things. But at the same time, people in these roles must listen to call outs from the leads or the target caller.
    • There needs to be a good balance of melee and range. The goal is to have three melee and three range in each battleground.
  • Target Caller
    • They will be calling who the team needs to zerg. The person assigned to this role will depend on the comp we have each night.

Things Not Covered That People Brought Up

If you are worried about not having a spot in the rated teams, you can always create a new toon and the Gladiators and PvP leaders will happily help you level and gear for rateds.

Never be afraid to tell the leads something. We don’t bite (hard.) We cannot know something if you don’t let us know!

We want to make our rated team(s) the best that they can be. Message a PvP Officer (Frost, Hoss, or Phill) for confirmation of the rules and roles, as well as any questions you may have about anything that isn’t clearly stated above. To fully confirm you have read the rules thoroughly, send me “gali gali we all can go to bali” along with your role information. I hope to see everyone on the battlefield, and let’s kick some ass!