Social Corner

Come hang out with us sometime! As Uro likes to say, we have a spicy Discord server. (Just mute the meme channel…you’re better off that way.) Share your cutest pets, leer at other people’s Instagram-worthy (or not) meals, and drink along on a friday night with some of the filthiest casuals this side of the Great Sea.

We also have a couple of useful Discord bots (outlined below) that help keep things organized and informative. There’s also a Wowhead hook that shares all Wowhead posts to its own channel, and a MoD News hook that shares all updates from this site, so you never miss a thing!

Don’t want to hang, but have some feedback anyway? Feel free to submit the following form. Or are you looking to submit a bug report?

  • Please select “Feedback” from the dropdown
  • If you want us to get back to you, make sure your in game name is somewhere in the post.