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MoD Mythic Keystone Event – Dragonflight (Season 4)


MoD’s Mythic Keystone Event has proudly grown into a larger endeavor than some of us had ever imagined. We look forward to starting a brand new season off together with an array of newer (and some older) Keystone dungeons as well as new challenge affixes. Below we’ve put together a revised event overview / requirements page to help guild members both joining the event or returning for the season to easily jump into Season 4 excited and prepared.

To progress to higher key tiers there will be thresholds for number of keys done / timed and dungeon score for each respective tier. The objective of this new tier system is to group like-skilled peers together, giving everyone the opportunity to progress keys of their own level at a pace they are comfortable with and can learn from.

All confirmed Guildies participating in the event will start at the same point with the launch of a new season. Timing more keys, different keys, and sooner weekly will help improve a Guildie looking to progress their Key Tier further. Launch grouping will be subject to the Keystone Officer’s discretion factoring various previous season metrics (io, repeated KSM, Role/Utilities, etc.).

Details to the updated tier system and event entry requirements can be found below. If you are uncertain about any of the following information, or have any concerns or feedback, please reach out to Zurro or Zextol at any point via in-game message or discord!

Event Time

Monday 5:45p EST – 8:00p EST

Wednesday 5:45p EST – 8:00p EST


  • Discord.
  • Confirmed for Season 4.
  • ON TIME- grouping starts 5:45p EST.
  • Required Addons. (See Addon section below).
  • Fully Enchanted and Socketed.
  • Consumables. (Intermediate Tier+ Required).


Keystone event invites will be announced several times in-game at 5:45p EST, and once at event invite start time via the Discord Keystone Channel. Anyone that has both confirmed for the season and have met the above requirements can reply with a “1” in guild chat to be invited.

Once invited, Guildies can join in the “I love Keys” Discord lobby as the officers begin to put together individual groups. Once groups have been created and all roles have been filled within each respective group, an appointed Dungeon Lead will break each group into different Discord Dungeon Channels to begin grouping.

The hope is to be able to complete 2 dungeons. You don’t have to stay for the entire event, but if you have a prior engagement, please be considerate and make sure you’ll have enough time to finish one or both dungeons.

Additionally, those grouping within intermediate or higher-tier time segments later on during the event are strongly urged to join from the start. We are currently looking into a merit system to thank those willing to help teach/guide individual groups and will announce more details as the expansion progresses.

Please remember, this is an event for those who would like to learn about/ improve their skills in mythic keystone dungeons. With that being said, we cannot guarantee what level keystone you will be able to do. (I.e. if you come to this event for your weekly 15 key you may or may not get it).

Additional Rules/Regulations

Confirming: All those joining the MoD Mythic Keystone Event are required to confirm with either Zurro or Zextol via Discord message with the proper confirmation information before being allowed to come along for the season. Please continue to read the existing and updated event information for more details on this.

Required Add-ons

  • DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)
  • MDT (Mythic Dungeon Tools)
  • Astral Keys
  • (Not Required- but helpful for grouping).

Please reach out to one of the aforementioned officers if you need help finding or installing any of the above add ons.


Players are not required to trade end-of-dungeon loot. Everyone is free to do as they please with their loot. With that being said, those looking to stack a specific armor type can voice their wishes via discord to either Keystone Officer BEFORE the event, and we can do our best to set groups to further improve gear drop chances for a larger majority of players.

PMing Keystone Officers

Please refrain from messaging either Keystone Officer about groups or player concerns during event times. If you have any feedback on something we can do better or suggestions specifically in grouping we are more than open to chat during break or after/before the event.


The more versatile players we have joining the event weekly, the more groups we can essentially run. Guildies joining the event are encouraged to explore multiple classes/specs in order to offer a wider variety of grouping possibilities. The more Tanks/Healers we have to offer the lower the likelihood of a delayed group start time or need of bringing in pugs.

Bringing New Alts

New alts will be allowed to the Keystone Event based on the following 2 details. The “Allowed” Tier level the Alt can participate in is based off of their Main Toon’s IO level. Additionally, the only ilvl gauging requirements we will be asking for will be when permitting Alts. Each tier’s ilvl requirement is listed below:

  • New: 473 (optimally)
  • Intermediate: 483
  • Advanced: 498

*** The ilvl requirements are considered more on the basis of survivability for content (with a safe enough item score) versus performance-based.

Joining Friends

Those looking to bring any non-guild friends to any MoD Keystone Event assume full responsibility for their joining friend’s actions. Having more people and growing the event is always a huge plus, but any negative behavior during such events can result in a member being either suspended or removed from the Keystone Event.


Objectively, we will create as many full groups as attendance permits each night. In the off-hand chance a group (or 2) is missing a specific role, the appointed “Dungeon Lead” will list their group once a decision has been made on what key to run. Please remember, some pugs can be toxic and this is beyond our control. Don’t let an outsider ruin your time doing keys! The same should be said about us when bringing in a random person, give them the MoD positive experience 🙂.

Player Sitting

In the event of larger attendance issues, the possibility of a player(s) may arise in which someone may need to sit a round of keys out in order to get the existing groups rolling. We will be recording such benchings each week and will do our best to prioritize players that have been previously asked to sit a round/night prior and cycle fairly through the roster as we build groups each week.

Always Remember

Everyone’s knowledge is different. Basic knowledge for you might be new information for others. With that said, please approach questions with respect and without condescension. Patience with mistakes/wipes is also greatly appreciated. If you have read this far you’re now a pro at MoD Mythic Keystone Event requirements and expectations. Please Discord message either Zurro or Zextol “cubed pineapple mafia”  to be hereby confirmed for Dragonflight S4. We hope everyone is as excited as we are to kick the season off. Once groups have been established, KSM focus groups and other additional Keystone related posts will likely be following so please stay updated via Discord. See information at: Mythic Keystone Info → Keystone Information.