This upcoming Sunday, May 19th, marks the return of the Sunday (awakened) normal raid group! The normal raid group is open to all MoD guild members as long as you meet the requirements of having an ilvl of 460 and being in discord voice. We will start grouping in voice at 12:30pm est and we will run until we clear the ‘Vault of the Incarnates’ raid instance or conclude the event at 4pm est. We will rotate the raid we do each week.

Remember, by clearing all the raid bosses in each of the three different awakened raids (Vault/Aberrus/Amirdrassil) you get a mount. Here are some pictures of that mount, courtesy of our heroic and mythic raid teams.

I’m joking!

Congrats to Orek and Sylvaera on finishing the ‘Glory of the Tomb Raider’ achievement and getting these cool Legion ship battle pets! Some MoD guildies on demon hunters helped with the last achievement they needed! The Demon Hunters were need for their glide ability to complete one of the meta achievements.

We have a new casual PvP event starting this Wednesday, January 31st, at 8pm est – 11pm est. This event night will feature random battleground queues, grouping for world PvP quests, and brawl queues. Kutulu will be leading the Wednesday event each week as well as helping with our guild rated battleground Sunday/Tuesday nights in an officer capacity.