The current Mythic Keystone Season isn’t over yet, however, our group picture has been taken and I do have some numbers to share for Season 2!

We currently have 15 people in the guild with a raider io score of 3000 or higher!
84 guild members have passed the 2500 io benchmark!
And a whopping 162 people in the guild have obtained their mythic keystone push reward, the Inferno Armoredon mount, by scoring 2000 io or higher!

Caveat: The above numbers probably includes some alts, especially for the 2000 io bracket.

From Hoss:

Do you enjoy playing World of Warcraft and getting mounts, toys, etc?
We have just what you need! We are starting the MoD Funday event again at a new day and time!

On Saturday, May 27th we will be doing the ‘For the Horde’ achievement by slaying the alliance leaders for their achievements and mount!
We have run this event in the past to great success and any who wishes to attend is welcome!
So please come join us for an evening of laughs, battle shouts, mayhem and all-around fun.

Grouping for this Saturday’s Funday event will start at 8:30 pm est, and start time will be 9:00 pm est. The Saturday Funday event will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month with a different in-game activity and focus.

Hope to see you there this week!

Beginning this Sunday, grouping at 4:45pm EST, Ministry of Defense will be hosting two weekly mythic keystone events. The first keystone event will be on Wednesdays from 6pm EST – 9pm EST (grouping at 5:45pm EST). The second mythic keystone event will now be on Sundays from 5pm EST – 7pm EST (grouping at 4:45pm EST). Thank you to Zurro and Zextol for coordinating!!!!