Hello Mythic raiders!

In lieu of our traditionally longer-form meeting for most pre-patch events, we’ve decided (because of holidays + launch + dungeons this week) to write up the usual minutes as a post for you to read at your leisure. That being said, we expect you to read this – so don’t come to us with a bunch of questions already in the posting.

That being said, THERE WILL STILL BE A SHORT MEETING AT 7PM ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1. Please plan to attend this even if you’re not available for dungeons.

Heroic raid meeting is on Saturday, 5pm eastern.


Rule Updates
Weekend Heroic Raiding
Dragonflight Info (some spoilers)
M+ / Dungeon Information
Q&A / Missing info


  • Who we are
    • Zextol: callouts, loot, HR
    • Quetzie: analyst, tech help
    • Tiraffe: analyst
    • Urostek: HR
  • New faces!
    • Cedarshield (Resto Druid)
    • Riggo (Hunter)
    • Cronkle (Warrior)
    • Finalflame (Hunter or Shaman)
    • We’re still looking for a shadow priest 🙁

Raider Expectations

  • Raid Rules
    • This is required reading
    • Introduction to raiding guide
      • Resource for anyone, new and old
    • Mythic Expectations Guide
      • This is required reading
    • Stay up to date on all discord/website information
      • Keep an eye on channels for guides so we’re all on the same page – hope to minimize guesswork on which strat we are using
      • Will have resources for ‘what to do every day’ and ‘what to do every week’ lists eventually, if necessary – DF is less  “chore-y” than shadowlands, fortunately!
  • Everyone should be on the audit sheet, will get folks added to readycheck.io soon
    • Please be aware of your limitations in regards to trinkets for your role / spec, and weapon tokens available to your class/spec.
  • NOTE: We are not, not, NOT going to chase down everybody who refuses to read the raiding announcement channels, mythic discussion channels, etc in discord. If you are pinged, it’s expected that you have seen it, read it, and react as necessary within 48 hours. Obviously things come up, but if you’ve been logged on in-game or green on Discord, there’s no excuse for not responding to pings. It is a huge hassle to chase everyone down in DMs. Mute the entire server except for the announcements channels if you must.
  • NOTE: We’re going to start keeping track of people who call out after Tuesday (and especially on Thursday). It’s not fair to Quetzie & Tiraffe to make rosters and constantly have to adjust them because the same people are calling out late. Everyone has emergencies, but you can expect routine late call-outs to affect your roster status.
  • Remember that we’re likely to do reviews / performance checks. We slacked for the last 2 tiers because honestly, the tiers were such crap anyway, we had more roster-boss issues than individual performance issues.

Rule Updates

  • **NEW**: Once a boss has been killed and loot has been received, players must “pass” on all the loot windows that pop up. Players who do not “pass” on the loot rolls (aka ninja looting) may be subject to immediate removal and suspension from raiding.
    • Just like every other tier, the loot will then go to a designated raid lead (Zextol from hereon out, usually) who will handle rolling off items per the readycheck.io loot sheet.
  • BoE farms:
    • Remember, you keep any BoE that drops for you during the week!
    • Caveat: BoEs now drop from one of 4 lieutenants during the raid. Once we hit mythic it is expected that raiders (especially mythic raiders – we use the most resources) will help farm BoEs for the guild to fund all of the free stuff we get. BoE farms pay for your raid supplies and daily guild repairs.

Weekend / AOTC / Peepo’s Pals Raiding

  • The weekend team is a fully separate team with its own goals and culture.
    • The weekend team is not a feeder team for the mythic team – don’t expect to go in for 2 weeks to grab a BiS trinket and leave
    • If you’re joining, you should have a fully-prepared alt that overperforms in its role and is not undergeared.
    • You are a guest and should follow the rules of Peepo, Huge, and Sparkles just like you would any mythic raid lead
    • They often incorporate different strategies that may work better for their comp or skill level. Please do not assume you have a better strategy.
  • If you’re interested in joining in on the fun and flair of the weekend group, please reach out to Peepo, Huge, or Sparkle in the Discord. They’ll let you know what roles are open, or if your proposed alt can squeeze in!
  • The weekend group is usually extremely full for the first few weeks of an xpack, so don’t expect to be able to join right away.
    • You are already able to raid once a week – don’t expect to take a slot away from someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to raid on th/fri.

Dragonflight Info (some mild spoilers in links)

Mythic+ / Dungeons

Q&A / Stuff we forgot

will be filled in after people read this


Hey guess what? Remember to send Quetzie, Tiraffe, Zextol, or Urostek the confirmation that you’ve read the rules / mythic guide / this post. Send us a “Pizza confetti” – throwback baby! – to let us know you’ve read this. You’ll have to read the rules & expectations guides for the rest!