After a rough start on reset day, the PvP team picked up momentum on Sunday and recovered amazingly with a 5 win, 5 loss record for the first week. The team is close to 1k rating already and is well on their way to 1600! With a start like this they could all hit 1800 before the season’s end.

Mythic Raid

The Mythic raid team hit it out of the park this week, with their fastest tier start ever. They killed 8 normal bosses on Thursday, 7 heroic bosses on Friday, and swung back around to finish off Sarkareth in under 20 minutes on Monday, for a first-week total of 9/9 normal and 7/9 heroic. They also ran a combined 616 dungeons this week, with all but 1 teammate (Zex, who was travelling) getting a dungeon over 16 in for the weekly box. Do we smell a week 2 or 3 AOTC?

Heroic Raid

The Weekend Warriors had a wonderful start as well. They downed 7 bosses on normal, which blows their last season’s first-day prog out of the water . It is also no small feat with all the new faces and missing one of their two raid leads for the first night (we miss you, Huge!). Maybe we’ll see an unprecedented Sarkareth kill in week 2 or 3!

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