Whether you were able to make it, or whether you weren’t (BULBZ, on a BEACH in FRANCE), we’ve added these minutes to the website per usual so that they’re easy for people to read through or review, especially as we made the meeting as quick and efficient as possible.


Raider Expectations
Finalizing Mains
AOTC Carries
9.1 Prep
Loot Rules
Weekend Filling
Raid Materials / Donations
Mythic + Requirements
9.1 Launch Activities
Raider Evals
Stuff We Forgot



  • Welcome
    • Kei (Warrior)
    • Jarks (Hunter)
    • Amaurn (Paladin)
    • Starrynight (Unholy DK)
    • Auntmay (Monk)
  • New / changing roles
    • Peepo: Heal
    • Bulbz: Tanking
    • Corig: Flex

Raider Expectations

  • Raid Guides and Raid Rules
  • Stay up to date on all discord/website information
    • Keep an eye on channels for guides so we’re all on the same page – hope to minimize guesswork on which strat we are using
      • Announcements, mod website feed, raiding announcements, and mythic prog channel
      • Don’t log into discord at 6:50 and complain you didn’t see something.
    • Will have resources for ‘what to do every day’ and ‘what to do every week’ lists
  • Will be adding people to the audit sheet, readycheckio, etc soon.
    • Please be aware of your limitations in regards to trinkets for your role / spec, and weapons available to your class/spec.

Finalizing Mains

AOTC carries Friday

  • If you can’t make it, nbd, but it’s a good chance to test new mains or just blast for fun

9.1 Prep

  • Switching covenants
    • Get to 40 renown on any covenant you might be swapping to before patch
  • Remake legendaries
    • There is special gear (domination sockets) coming out of the raid. It will force some legendaries to be recrafted
    • Check in with specific crafters to make these slots, or purchase off AH for cheapish
      • Cloth: Corig/Tiraffe
        • Gloves, Legs | Cloak, Waist
      • Leather: Quetzie
        • Wrist, Waist, Leg
      • Mail: Foko
        • Hands, Leg
      • Plate: Uro
        • Waist
      • Jewelcrafting: Uro/Sham/Corig
        • Neck, Ring
    • Valor is likely to be reset with the new patch, so any spare valor can be used to purchase more crafting mats to funnel to crafters.
    • We may be pooling resources to supply new crafts to mythic raiders; check the mythic planning sheet
  • Purchase venari socket tokens now
    • Newly crafted leggos eligible for sockets (head, neck, wrist, waist, rings) will automatically gain a free socket when crafted in 9.1.
    • Can also use Stygia to upgrade conduits now, as Stygia is going to be far less connected to player power in 9.1
  • Hungry sword (Jaithys, Prison Blade): hold onto Nathria weapons now

Loot Rules

  • Loot distribution: 
    • Trade item to designated WL to put it up for trade.
    • Readycheck.io and Exorsus Raidtools will be used to double-check MS, OS, etc. rolls. 
      •  If over half the raid team needs a specific piece, that piece is likely to go the highest ilvl upgrade instead of a traditional roll.
        • This will likely apply to one, maybe two pieces out of the entire raid.
    • We may be asking for droptimizer reports periodically as loot needs get updated (not often). 
      • There are plenty of folks in the guild that can run the premium sims if needed.
  • Hungry sword: Don’t roll for weapons to feed your sword. Get those from Mythic+
  • If you want a second weapon for aoe / ST enchants, please put as ‘offspec’ on the sheet.
  • Domination socket priority for mythic loot
    • Kind of like tier sets from back in the day
    • If you have 2 pieces you get priority to get the third
    • If you have 3 pieces and someone else has less than 3, they get priority
    • Equal priority for 0 & 1 sockets
    • Domination socket gems can be safely removed via an item from the new rep in the new zone

Weekend Filling

  • Weekend team mains/alts:
    • Peepo has a contract for those who want to participate in the weekend team.
    • We hope to prevent people bringing in undergeared characters who show up for 2 weeks, take loot, and never return to the weekend raid.
  • People joining the weekend raid need to have a dps off-spec if they can’t show up at the start of the night.

Raid Materials

  • Donations
    • Beginning August
  • Resource gathering events TBD

Mythic + in 9.1

  • You need to run 4 dungeons per week until well into Mythic raid
    • People not running M+ prevents us:
      • Extending lockouts (since they need gear)
      • Progressing more quickly (lack of gear = fights harder)
      • Min-maxing itemization (gear going to ‘whoever has lowest ilvl’ rather than ‘whoever needs bis stats/trinkets/etc’)
    • +8 mythic gives 226 ilvl end of dungeon, 236 ilvl Great Vault for early gearing
      • Anyone on mythic should be able to do that easily
      • Mythic 10 and up is necessary to get 239 ilvl out of Great Vault
      • Mythic 12 is a go-between from Heroic to Mythic raid ilvl (233/246)
      • Max end of dungeon rewards are now from +14s instead of +15s (236)
      • Mythic 15 required for 252 ilvl from Great Vault
  • Grab non domination socket items from vault
    • Class-dependent.
    • Class-dependent.
    • As before, go for weapons first
    • You can still get domination sockets from the Great Vault
    • But don’t get head, shoulder, chest, etc. pieces from vault if they don’t have a domination socket
      • I.e. m+/rated pvp boxes won’t give domination sockets
    • You will likely have to get weapons from M+, especially classes like rogue/hunter

9.1 launch activities

  • Keep up to date on renown
  • Keep on top of Korthia rep
    • New socket item from new reps
    • New conduit upgrade item from new reps
    • Korthite Crystals to craft rank 5/6 leggos
    • Purchasable Domination Socket gear from specific vendors (2 pieces on the same slot, armor type dependent). These pieces are ilvl 220 and 239 respectively.
  • Higher / new Torghast layers for higher level legendaries
    • Torghast will be easier and easier the more you do it with the new research tree
  • New Dungeon
    • Drops some really good loot (226 ilvl, 233 ilvl on hardmode), and acts as a filler for missing gear slots (especially with new crafted legos).
    • New dungeon drops the same week as raid, try to do it in a guild group to make unlocking hardmode for week 2 easier (https://ptr.wowhead.com/news/hard-mode-tazavesh-discovered-all-8-bosses-have-hard-mode-322936)
    • Hardmode not out on the first week unless you can get 2 fresh instances, but be sure to do it week 2+ as needed

Raider Evals

  • Sometime when we step into Mythic raid
  • We may ask for self-evals first, or we may just tell you what we see outside of ‘eval time’
  • Previous examples of raider homework:
  • Don’t get defensive if another raider, even a non raid lead, starts to chat with you about your class / rotation. Lots of people play alts. Talking shop and working together is important. You both may learn something!

Official 9.1 Patch Notes: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23685044/chains-of-domination-content-update-notes

Q&A Section:

Q: Where can I find out more about the “hungry sword”?
A: Jaithys, Prison Sword Info: https://ptr.wowhead.com/news/consume-weapons-to-empower-jaithys-the-prison-blade-two-handed-sword-from-322912

Q: Does the 3-set bonus not work outside or raid, or is it all sockets?
A: The 3-set bonus from Domination Sockets only works while in the maw (raid + maw). The gems themselves still work in m+. In rated pvp, they work at 50% effectiveness.

Q: Will priority for domination sockets be priority to DPS as well?
A: No role priority for the Domination Sockets, only focus is on getting the 3-set bonus, but we won’t delineate down to dps over healers over tanks.

Q: What Reps are we grinding?
A: Death’s Advance (low-player-power/cosmetic rewards) and Archivist’s Codex (high-player-power/conduits/sockets). These reps are connected. Ve’nari also got a paragon box.

Q: Plan for raid progression?
A: Plan is normal day 1 for mechanics (thurs), then heroic then on out. Sunday pick-up for sockets, conduits, unique weapons, etc. Pick-up days don’t count against mythic attendance. Avoid being loot-locked regardless of what raid you’re going to.

Q: Can we keep BoEs, or do we have to give them up?
A: BoE’s are free-for-all during mythic and most other raids. There are separate BoE farms where BoE’s are turned over, likely after Saturday raid.

Q: Will people be required to come to the BoE farms?
A: People are expected to help out if they’re online and can make it. For example, don’t form up key groups during BoE farms unless they’re already at capacity. Gold has to come from somewhere.

Stuff We Forgot:

Replacing your legendary

If you’re replacing your legendary, have a spare item of that gear slot ready. You don’t want to replace your pants with a ring and be caught with your pants down.


Go download Exorsus Raid Tools. We’re going to use it:  https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/exorsus-raid-tools

Loot Priority:

Bis is bis (best-in-slot). Loot rolls are just going to be bis only, regardless of ilvl upgrade (except for the aforementioned ‘over half the raid needs it’). If you need an ilvl upgrade, go do more m+.

Socket Effects:

Shard of Domination Effects / Domination Socket Bonuses:

  • Wowhead
  • Raider Survival Guide
  • Stay up-to-date with your class discords to see what Shards of Domination you should be socketing into the Domination Sockets.

Loot Drops

Sanctum of Domination Loot Drops – boss name spoilers within

Run Keys

  • Re-familiarize yourself with the various dungeons / mechanics / affixes
  • Get a high keystone so you can run decently leveled keys when the patch starts

NVIDIA Drivers

Nvidia finally fixed the flickering that occurs in some shadowlands zones or on your UI. Rejoice! Geforce Driver Download.

Foko Sez:

If you are grinding out Death’s Advance reputation, you’re also going to be grinding our archivists codex rep since some of the daily/weekly quest rewards give items/currency for archivists codex. The best you can do for Death’s Advance rep is doing all of the covenant assualts/tormenters of torghast event, and then doing all of the dailies in Korthia. The rares still give Ven’ari rep (who now has a paragon)

There is technically no cap with the Archivist Codex rep because of how it is built, but if you got more of the treasures and rares in a zone there is not much more you can do

I wouldn’t expect for people be able to get honored with Death’s Advance within week 1, but it is likely it is able to be acquired week 2 or 3. It’s going to depend on if one of the new weekly world quests gives a 1k rep token for Death’s Advance or not. Technically you can buy the recipe for the new legendary token upgrades for 2k stygia on honored, but there has been talk about it being given for the week 2 questline for crafters for free alongside flying