Hallow’s End Costume Contest

Submission time has run out, and voting is open! Voting will remain open until November 1st at 1pm PST / 4pm EST. We will announce the winners before raid on that night in Discord, in game, and other announcement channels we have. You may vote once over the course of the voting period per category, regardless of whether or not you partook in it. You may cast 3 votes per category.

Best in Show
Pull out all the stops and show us the costume you think will impress us most!
The Urostek
Scar us with the ugliest, mish-mashiest, or gaudiest transmog you can come up with.
Guild Pride
Use one of the guild tabards available at the vendor and rep MoD in style!
Optimum Opulence
Killer Queens and Kings of Pain – show off your Opulence crown and regal attire!
Horde Pride
Whether you rally behind Saurfang or Sylvanas, it’s Lok’tar Ogar all around!
Alliance Spies
Your assignment: go undercover in Stormwind. How well could you blend in?


BEST IN SHOW and THE UROSTEK will have in-store mount prizes.

GUILD PRIDE and OPTIMUM OPULENCE will have in-store pet prizes

HORDE PRIDE and ALLIANCE SPIES will have 50k gold each in prizes