Hallow’s End Costume Contest

We’re having a bit of fun this Hallow’s End with our fourth annual transmog contest! From now until midnight on November 6th, submit screenshots of your character in costumes according to theme! At the end of the submission period, we’ll hold a public vote on this page all throughout Hallow’s End. On November 18th, we’ll reveal who the winners of each category are, and who will walk away with the top prizes!

Browse each category below to see what each theme is, and then scroll down to read the full contest rules (there’s a button to expand them).

How to Submit

If you’re submitting more than one image, uploading to a site like imgur and then sending us a gallery via DIscord PM is very helpful. Example: Bulborbish’s submissions from a previous year.

Otherwise, you can simply message either Urostek or Quetzie in Discord with your in-game name and theme for each photo as in the below rules.

Best in Show
Pull out all the stops and show us the costume you think will impress us most!
The Urostek
Scar us with the ugliest, mish-mashiest, or gaudiest transmog you can come up with.
Show off your class with the Venthyr!!
Blend in with the nature lovers over in Ardenweald!
Get dirty and grimy with the Necrolords!
Ascend into the skies with the Kyrians!


BEST IN SHOW and THE UROSTEK will have in-store mount or gold prizes.

Other categories will have in-store pet or gold prizes



  • Vampire, Hippie, Grunge, Divinity
    • You may only use up to TWO pieces from that faction / region per mog. Example: One Castle Nathria weapon, one covenant headpiece; one Maldraxxus BoE, one Necrolord boot; etc.

Read the full rules for more!