As you may have heard, the guild bank is slowly losing funds over time, and we’re trying hard to keep guild repairs for everybody while not spending too much of Urostek’s money keeping the bank topped off. An idea that got tossed around was of setting up a guild marketplace: somewhere to buy items, wherein the sales can go directly into the guild bank.

After a week or so of testing, we’re reading to launch the Ministry of Defense Discord Market!

The Premise

Every week, officers (currently Lineda) will list market items according to auction house trends. However, we will be under-pricing the auction house! The idea is to sell goods to MoD members at a discounted price, while depositing all profits into the guild bank. MoD members benefit from cheaper supplies, and we all benefit from increased funds into the bank!

Viewing Market Listings:

If for some reason you don’t see a market list, enter the command >view market:

Using the arrows at the bottom of the message popup, you can scroll through the listings. Currently, we have personal food, flasks, and potions for sale. We may expand our wares at a later date!

Buying an Item

Please ignore that the random-codes don’t line up; it’s stitched together from various tests.

To purchase an item, use the command string:


ITEMCODE is the unique identifier for that market item
MESSAGE is a message regarding the sale. In this case, who to CoD the item to is helpful

After you pick an item to purchase, you’ll be prompted for how many you’d like to purchase. (Usually, 1, since it’s 1 stack of either 5 or 20).

For example:

>B 20 JwDZrD2Xf CoD Incogtreeto:

That would buy 1 batch of 20 Honey-Glazed Haunches. Lineda, the seller, would get a note of “CoD incogtreeto”.

Viewing Information on a Listing

If you want to know more about a listing, use the command >view ITEMCODE. This will tell you who the seller is, how much stock is left, and time remaining on the sale.

General Market Information

The items will be reset weekly (sometime on Tuesday). This means we shouldn’t fall too far above or below AH prices. Price trends can change dramatically within even a week, but setting listings to expire in less than a week would be a lot of work re-listing items.

All of our listings are for multiples, either 20 or 5, so be aware of the quantity you’re buying! If you buy 20 “20 Honey-glazed haunches” you will get (and be charged for) 400 honey-glazed haunches!

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery. Generally speaking, you’ll probably receive your items within a few hours. However…sleep, work, other real life situations, and supplies may get in the way. You’ll be contacted one way or another promptly, but please have resonable expectations.


We welcome any feedback you have about this feature! Please don’t discuss within the market channel; raiding-discussion would be ideal, or you can PM your thoughts to an officer.