The votes are in!

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who voted. Some of these races were amazingly close – we have SEVERAL ties for placements and there are very few categories with one “stand out” winner!

As mentioned, the prizes per category are as follows:

BEST IN SHOW and THE UROSTEK will have in-store mount prizes.

RACIAL PRIDE and CROSS-DRESSED CLASS will have in-store pet prizes

MOUNT/PET and OFFICER will have Sting Ray (mount) and Corgi (minipet) prizes

However, there is a bonus: I (Quetzie) was personally so impressed with the entries that I am throwing in 5000g to any second-place winners and 1000g to any third-place winners. This includes tied entries!

Without further ado…


The Officer Best in Show category had a total of 37 votes cast over 6 entries!

3rd place:

Deathhoss (7 votes):

2nd place:

Quetzie (8 votes):

1st Place:

Pete (Lightshcrute) (10 votes):


The Mount / Pet Matching category had a total of 36 votes cast over 11 entries!

3rd place TIE:

Bulborbish; Eldritch Manafiend (4 votes)

Bellelina; Armored Razzashi Raptor, Lashtail Hatchling (4 votes)

2nd place TIE:

Meevs; Lightsworn Seeker (5 votes)

Deathhoss; Smoldering Ember Wyrm, Blazehound (5 votes)

1st Place:

Quetzie, Dread Hatchling (7 votes)


The Cross-dressed Class category had 40 votes over 7 entries!

3rd place TIE:

Deathhoss; Death Knight as Fire Mage (6 votes)

Vellitha; Paladin as Priest (6 votes)

Zugzug; Warrior as fire mage (6 votes)

2nd place:

Harmesi; Mage as Monk (8 votes)

1st Place:

Quetzie; Druid as Warlock (9 points)


The Racial Pride category had a total of 36 votes cast over 6 entries!

3rd place TIE:

Harmesi (Blood Elf) (7 votes)

Lunzzul (Troll) (7 votes)

2nd place:

Quetzie (Troll) (8 votes)

1st Place:

Zugzug (Orc) (9 votes)


The Urostek category had a total of 37 votes cast over 10 entries!

3rd place:

Bellelina (6 votes)

2nd place:

Lillithh (7 votes)

1st Place:

Rwandarousey (8 votes)


The Best in Show category had a total of 43 votes over 11 entries!

3rd place:

Meevs (5 votes)

2nd place:

Avarkus (9 votes)

1st Place:

Harmesi (12 votes)


Thank you to all of our participants. Next year we’ll get an early start on this so more people can participate. Hope everyone had a great Hallow’s End!