Wow, guys! What an amazing turnout. We’d like to thank everyone who listened to us and asked good questions about the plans we have for raiding this tier. We hope to see you!

Below is the agenda and the meeting minutes, all information you’ll need to be ready for raids, and more!

Raid Pre-Planning Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction from the Warlords
  • Rules and Regulations changes
  • Where to Find Important Announcements
  • Required Pre-Raid Reading / Viewing
  • Other Helpful Informatives
  • Helping the Raid Pre-Uldir
  • Raid Loot Distribution and Rolling
  • Raid Composition for Week 1
  • Minimum Requirements for Raiding
  • Q&A

Warlord Introduction

Zextol (Ryzin):
Lead Warlord. Organizes groups, raid comp, etc. He makes the most mechanic calls. He will call who lusts, battle rezes, etc. He has final say in all things raid!

Telanlan (Telann):
Loot distribution master. Backup for invites.

Attendance and invites. Website/discord/general tech guru.

Foxxie (Tiv, Kelara, and more):
Point man for questions about classes and mechanics.

Guild Leader (above the Warlords!). Recruiter, raffle master, smoother-of-issues, final say in all things period.

Rules and Regulations / Changes:

Link to Raid Rules & Regulations Page


  • Be on time
  • Don’t stand in fire
  • Use the Discord
  • Be kind

“Vanguard” AKA Raider rank:

  • Vanguard requires 66% attendance. 2 days a week at 3 hours is 100% attendance; 2 days a week at 2 hours is 66% attendance.
  • If you leave the raid after 2 hours but remain online in WoW you will receive zero attendance points for skipping the last hour
  • Vanguard grants extra gold repairs and access to the Vanguard tab with gems, enchants, etc for guild dungeon and raid runs. These materials are for guild groups, not your own PUGs.

No more “Raid Attendance” channel. Just put any absences or tardiness in “Raid Discussion” and we’ll see it.

Pruned and updated verbiage and items for BFA.

Please read the rules in full & confirm you have read them after you have hit the minimum requirements for raid participation. This cuts down on us receiving notes from 50 people having read the rules but only 15 qualifying for raid. If you send Quetzie a confirmation before you qualify it will be discounted and ignored.

Where to Find Important Announcements

  • Discord Raid Announcements channel
  • Raid News feed on the website
  • Required Videos will be posted in Raiding Homework
  • TLDR: “I didn’t see it” is not an excuse

Required Raid Reading / Viewing

You must be prepared before the raid starts. It will be painfully obvious who has not watched the videos / read the information after a few pulls, and those people will be benched.

Other Helpful Informatives:

Helping the Raid pre-Uldir:

  • Crafting Mat Farming
    • No dates planned yet – but there will be! Telann will be organizing these.
  • Crafting mat donations
    • Send to one of the Warlords or Urostek – we will make sure they get into the right hands!
    • Feasts: Frenzied Fangtooth, Redtail Loach, Midnight Salmon
    • Flasks: Anchor Weed, Akunda’s Bite, Siren’s Pollen, Winter’s Kiss, Star Moss, Riverbud,
    • Battle Potions: Sirens Pollen, Riverbud, Sea Stalk, Star Moss
    • Enchantments: Umbra Shard, Gloom Dust, Veiled Crystal
    • Vantus Runes: Crimson Ink, Viridescent Ink
    • Tomes / Codexes: Ultramarine Ink, Crimson Ink, Viridescent Ink
    • Gems: Platinum, Silver, Monelite, any crafting gem
  • Crafting any of the above items in lieu of donating mats
  • Material Farming Perks:
    • Monel-Hardened Hoofplates: Monelite Ore, Durable Flux
    • Monel-Hardened Stirrups: Monelite Ore, Durable Flux
    • Coarse Leather Barding: Coarse Leather
    • Drums of the Maelstrom: Coarse leather, Blood-stained Bone
    • Contracts: Ultramarine Ink, Crimson Ink, Viridescent Ink
    • Gathering & Crafting Enchantments: Gloom Dust

Raid Loot Distribution and Rolling:

  • You are NOT REQUIRED to put items up for trade.
  • If an item drops for someone else that you want, do not ask for it.
  • If you wish to put an item up for trade, whisper it to Telann. He will then share the item using Raid Warning.
  • At this point, anyone who can use or wants the item may /roll.
    • Highest roll after ~30 seconds wins.
    • Priority order: Main spec, off spec, alts, transmogs, disenchant
  • This cuts down on pressure for trades from others, as well as keeps the raid moving in between fights for the least amount of down-time.
  • Fake rolls will not be tolerated. All this does is cause confusion and slow down the loot distribution process.

Raid Composition for Week 1:

  • Tanks / Heals: Have a DPS spec ready just in case, since slots are limited in those roles
  • On release / week 1, we will be giving preference in those slots to those who were Vanguards previously until we can vouch for others’ abilities in mythics / mythic +.
  • After week 1, depending on the number of tanks / heals, we will work up a rotation week to week.

Minimum Requirements for Uldir:

  • ilvl minimum: 345
  • Azerite / Artifact Power minimum level: 21
  • All gems and enchants (need not be the “best/most expensive”).
  • Personal food (for when feasts run out)
  • Discord (needed to listen, not speak)
  • DBM or Bigwigs
    • Please set these up ahead of time and practice using them in Mythics. Be sure to update them on raid days especially.

Additional Prep for Uldir:

  • Mythic / Mythic + Runs
    • Saturdays, 7pm EST start every week
    • Form groups based on who shows
  • Island Expeditions
    • Good for AP Farming
    • Cap it every week!
  • Revered with champions of azeroth (unlocks more neck ilvl)
  • Exalted with specific so you can buy 350 ilvl pants (plate: honorbound; leather: telanji’s expedition; cloth: zandalari empire; mail: tortollan expedition)
  • All azerite pieces 340+ (to enable all 4 levels of traits available)
  • Turn up your graphics. BFA lowered them automatically, and higher graphics = seeing mechanics better.
    • Specifically, ‘Projected Textures’ is the setting that allows you to see ground effects in raids for soaking or dodging.

Wow Audit Spreadsheet:

Those who raid regularly, whether Vanguard or not, will end up added to this WoW Audit Spreadsheet. The audit sheet helps track heart level, ilvl, enchants, gems, etc. You can find a somewhat more in-depth writeup of the different aspects of the sheet, but that also includes some outdated specifics from Legion. The principles are the same, however. Once we get into BfA more, Quetzie will create a new post walkthrough.

~Q&A Time~

Are Raid Times in PST or EST?
In-game calendar: PST
Website Calendar: EST
Discord: Both!

What if we have enough people to split raid?
If we have a large (40+) turnout for raids on Thursdays, we may end up splitting into 2 groups. We will have to see what the composition looks like on that first week.

Is there an option for alternate raid days?
If someone else wants to take the mantle for starting another set of raid days and times, they are more than welcome to!

Are we going to have A Team / B Team, Normals / Mythics?
To start we’d like to avoid that, but we may have groups gravitate towards what they prefer to do over time!

Are we going to do Mythic Raiding?
That would be awesome! We haven’t yet Mythic raided on current tiers. It would be amazing to get a group able to do it!

What if we don’t want the stress of Mythic raiding? I thought we were a casual guild?
Mythic raiding would not be required. By the time we hit Mythic level, we will be running alt/normal nights as well. Plus, as above, you can always start a normal/heroic raid team!

What are the various roles that a member can be promoted into?
Vanguard: Raiders
Gladiator: PvPers
Champion: Active, extraordinary, contributing members.

How do we get promotions to Legati or Warlord?
Organize shit. Be exceptional. Follow through. Offer something nobody else has offered us before, and a niche that we have unfilled.

What if not we are not ilvl 345 by raid day? What if we’re only 340 because of bad luck?
Running ALL your Mythics in a week, running Mythic+ for the two days before Raid starts, you should be at or above 345. If you’re very close, message us and we’ll try to gear you – assuming you’ve been putting in the effort. A 342 with 3 mythics done a week is not going to receive the kind of help that a 342 with 9 mythics a week will receive. Also, if you miss a week or two, that’s ok! You can come whenever you meet the minimums. We will not be moving the goalposts and raising requirements over time.

Do we have to run raids to be involved in the Mythic+ events?
Absolutely not! You can run Mythic+ with the group regardless of whether you are a PvPer, LFRer, Mythic Raider, or none of the above!

What if we fail too many mechanics?
We have a loose “3 strike / 2 strike” rule. If you make 3 minor mistakes resulting in a wipe, you will be benched for the boss. If you make 2 major mistakes, you will be benched for the boss. If you continue to wipe the raid over time, you will be benched for a period of time until you can improve mechanically.

What about fuckin’ around in the raid? Toys, mage portals, etc?
Use of toys is permitted in breaks only. Mage portals placed deceptively (instead of sending to expected places like Orgrimmar or Zulduzarr), or on top of Warlock boxes, will result in an instant kick.

What if someone is causing issues? What if I have a problem with someone in the raid?
Remember: We can teach you to raid, we can’t teach you not to be assholes. A struggling DPS with a good attitude is someone we want to keep around VS a top-tier DPS who is a dickhole. The latter will quickly find themselves without a home here at MoD!

I’m a Streamer / I have cool pictures to share!
Sweet! We love to brag about our members. Feel free to message Quetzie with your stream information, and she’ll add it to the site! And don’t forget about the Member Content page, where you can submit anything and everything WoW – funny screencaps, cool mount drops, and more!


Do we need to have the videos memorized / mechanics all memorized?
No! Sorry, that would be totally unreasonable of us. We want you to have a good understanding of mechanics but we do not expect perfection on day one. There are going to be a lot of “Oh, that’s what they meant by XX!” moments as we start raiding.

Can you clarify what you mean by “neck level”?
Yes, of course! By “neck level” we meant “Azerite Level / Artifact Power Level”. We did not mean Heart of Azeroth ilvl. I’ve edited the aforementioned text to clarify this point.

I didn’t read X because Y reasons / I didn’t see it in your post / I must have misheard:
If you don’t see information listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we might have forgotten. Also, if we say something verbally, feel free to tell us “Hey you should add that to a post / put it in raiding announcements”. We don’t want to forget to share important information!

But let me reclarify and reiterate: EVERYTHING posted in Raid Announcements, the Raid News feed, AND the Raider Homework feed is required reading. I also suggest reading the Player Performance category, though that is not currently required.

You can easily cut this down to the “Raid Announcements” and “MoD Website Feed” Discord channels if you don’t want to check the website specially. NOT ALL INFO WILL BE CROSS-POSTED. IT IS ON YOU TO FOLLOW THE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION CHANNELS. “I didn’t see it / didn’t know where to look” is not a valid excuse anymore!

Changes to this information will be added in new posts as well as added to the bottom of this post for easy tracking