For all the new folks, here’s a quick walkthrough of how to use and understand Discord!

Note: I’ll be adding to this article as I get more requests for information!

Your Discord will look something like this (though, with fewer servers on the left, most likely). You’ll have a list of channels on the left, messages in the middle, and people on the right.

Channels are sorted by Text channels first, with Voice channels below. Channels are sorted into similar categories – announcements, general, raiding, and more. I’ll get to that later.

People are sorted by role – Officers, Centurion, Vanguards, and more. Most of you will be Members, in green – above Friends of MoD, but below the other roles.

Changing your Nickname

If you want to change your name – which we highly suggest, to change it to your in-game name – find your name in the list of people on the right. Then, right click it, and click “Change Nickname”. You’ll get a popup box, where you can save your info.

Reacting / Entering Raffles

We have a number of Giveaways active at a given time. In order to enter a giveaway, all you have to do is click the little horn picture beneath the message. Once the number turns blue, you’re entered! If it’s grey, you haven’t entered yet. You’ll be notified via a tag when you win a prize.

Tagged Messages

If someone has tagged you in a message, you’ll see a red number next to the channel you’ve been tagged in. That means you have as many mentions / tags as you see the number. These messages will be highlighted and look differnt from other messages in the channel, making them easy to find at a glance.

Joining a Voice Channel

Unlike other voice chat options, Discord is a text channel service first, and a voice channel service second. What this means is that you have to opt-in to the voice channel. Joining the server will not toggle you for voice! Scroll down on the left and click the voice channel you wish to join.

You can also minimize categories that are not relevant to your interests – officer channels, event categories, etc.


We have a whole host of custom emojis to choose from! To select an emoji, click on the face on the right-hand side of your text box. Scroll down to “Ministry of Defense” and select any or all you’d like to use. You can also “react” to posts using these emojis by either hovering a message and clicking the “react” button, or long-pressing on mobile.

If you know the shortcode for a given emoji, you can also type it out and it will autofill.

Channel List

Announcements: General announcements about the status of the guild. May include props to Raid or PvP teams, raffle information, game information, discord information, and more.

Giveaways: The Raffle Channel. React to posts in order to be entered.

MoD Website Feed: A feed of posts from the website with a short title and description. Click the links to read the full article!

Wowhead News: A feed of posts from Wowhead. This will keep you up to date on the latest information on patch notes, quest guides, and more!

General Chatter: Anything and everything.

Keystones: We have a bot that tracks keystones! Foir more information on how to use it, check the pinned messages, or check out the Social Corner

Simcraft Bot: A raidbots channel. For more information, see this post about Raidbots.

Raiding Announcements: Homework, planning, strategies, cancellations, changes, polls, and of course cheering on about our Raid team.

Raiding Discussion: If you’ll be absent, have questions, have strategy ideas, or questions, this is the place to go.

Raiding Logs:  Warcraft Logs links for raids going on. Check out this WCL 101 post for DPS!

PvP Announcements: Like Raiding announcements, but for PvP

PvP: Ideas, strategies, discussions, and more about PvP.

Sunday Funday: Every Sunday (almost), Bulborbish plays host a an achievement run, leveling session, transmog run, or more. Keep an eye on the Calendar (in game and on site) for upcoming events!

Herald of the Titan: A level-80 only challenge with specific rules. Orektarg organizes this, though it’s on hold through the start of BFA.

Guild Pets: Show me your kitties

Spicy Dank Memes: For all the shitposting

Food Porn: Make us drool over your dinner

Guild and WoW Art: Stuff you’ve made, or others have made. Transmogs, too!

Guild Tech Support: Game crashing? Computer not starting? Have an unholy demon possessing your laptop? We’ll try to help!