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Ministry of Defense members are fun, funny, and – sometimes – talented individuals. You’ll find screenshots of funny conversations, hideous transmogs, and even amazing artwork contained within these pages.

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Gotta love it when guildies work together!

Over the past few weeks, some of our more prominent guild members – Ganelon, Pewpewbeast, Quetzie, Telanlan, and Lineda – have been hard at work to get the achievements necessary for Glory of the Legion Hero. Three of the group finished it on the 16th with I Made a Food! – an annoyance to get, as it requires the correct Violet Hold boss to spawn. The other two got it the next day with an RNG-blessed completion of Dropping some Eaves.

The most fun was probably Poor Unfortunate Souls – a long, complex, timed achievement that spans multiple dungeons and rewards a minipet in addition to the achievement. Most frustrating? Probably You Used to Scrawl Me in Your Fel Tome because of its RNG nature, though A Spectre, Illuminated was also frustrating since it kept bugging out. Stay Salty required the most coordination, whereas I Got What You Mead had to be the simplest of all.

In addition to the Leyfeather Hippogryph, completing this achievement unlocks the 4th tint of your Valorous Artifact Weapon Appearance.

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We had some…slight…difficulties finishing Aggramar due to our tanks having a mixup (despite otherwise performing perfectly for their first time together, might I add!). After the tanks went down in quick succession (including a battle-res that served to do little more than waste a GCD), Aggramar ripped through the raid until he found a turtle whose shell he just couldn’t quite crack. You could even say we were shell-shocked by the result 😉

This PoV is courtesy of Khaanatra.

Ganelon got not one, but TWO mounts to drop today!

Ganelon has this to say about his Ashes of Al’ar:

“Remember: ashes of alar drops for KT, not alar…cuz I wasted over a year of runs just killing alar”

Boy we feel sorry for you…haha. He also got the Pond Nettle:

Ganelon has this to say about his second lucky drop:


Interested in finding your own? Ashes of Al’ar drops from Kael’tharas in The Eye, while Pond Nettle is fished up from fel water on Argus.

Zaraenne got some crazy luck today when running Mogu’shan Vaults!

“I’m literally crying and hyperventilating. I haven’t done this raid in at least 2 years and did it just to try and this happened.”

She helpfully added that anyone who wants to try their luck for a Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent can go to Mogu’shan Vaults in Kun Lai Summit to try for their own!


I don’t really know what to say about this one. Apparently, neither does Q have any excuses:

“I wish I remembered the entire conversation that brought this work of art to life. Something about Eilena looking up Odyn’s skirt during the Halls of Valor dungeon, her checking him out, and it evolved into him twerking for her.”

Folks, some things a man just shouldn’t have to see.