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Ministry of Defense members are fun, funny, and – sometimes – talented individuals. You’ll find screenshots of funny conversations, hideous transmogs, and even amazing artwork contained within these pages.

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There’s a micro-holiday today, and it’s Talon Queen Quetzie’s favorite day of the year. Here are some of highlights of her day spent with the Moonkins!

Hanging with Makkaw, who organizes the chance to watch the baby Moonkins!

First assignment: Observe the babies dance lessons from Astralaire. And of course, show them a thing or two while I’m at it!

Second Assignment: Watch them practice moonfiring under the tutelage of Pewkew.

Of course, myself and other experienced Moonkins joined in to show them what their power could be like in a few years!

Third Assignment: Observe them napping with Dramock. Of course there’s always one little troublemaker who doesn’t want anything to do with naptime!

After I spent some time watching and reminiscing, a baby decided to follow me around. But his friends were in trouble! So I set out to vanquish the evil infringing upon Moonglade.

Along the way, I saved a friend of theirs, Clookle!

After vanquishing evil and saving the day, a total of 5 Moonkin babies decided to follow me around for the week. I hope I can teach them a thing or two about how to be a moonkin! And I know my very own Moonkin Hatchling will make them feel right at home.

If you want your own creche of moonkin hatchlings for the week, you can visit Moonglade and embark on a fun journey to save the day yourself!

Submitted from Deiselboy:

Our first dabbles into organized raiding were fun. The homework assignments, struggling to get 10 people all to log on to raid on 2 consecutive nights, our first kill of Xavius, and the deafening on discord that almost cost me my hearing. Having people kinda drift away and come back. Mostly the guild is about community; we love a good laugh, and we get stuff done.

I’ve been a part of this guild for 4-5 years now and have seen it grow from a quiet guild that barely had anyone on, to a small tight-knit guild that had 10-12 regulars on, to an explosion of players on that we currently have almost any time of day. It’s been a journey and I can say, hands down, this is the best guild I’ve ever been a part of in any game.

It doesn’t feel like you’re a stranger in this guild. You may not know who anyone is outside of their screen name, but outside of my family, this is my online family.

How heartwarming! This truly is a big, happy family.

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Check out this super awesome graphic that a guild streamer, raider, and PvP lead, has made for his Twitch channel! It features his two mains (Miatreeleafa and Sashaflay). Follow him on Twitch! 


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Congratulations to Dangerkor for winning tonight’s Rumble in the Jungle! Tonight’s prize was a companion from the in-game shop, and he chose the new Cap’n Crackers.

If you would like to win an awesome prize like this, join us on Monday and Wednesday nights for our PvP events. Sign up for things on the guild calendar!

((excuse this mess of a screenshot.))

With Alliance at 1460 points with 1 base captured and Horde at 1420 with 2, the final match of the Rated Battlegrounds night this week was too close for comfort. Fortunately for Ministry of Defense, Dangerkor got ahold of the flag with no time to spare. Below you can see his team has got his back – watch as Death Grip, Leap of Faith, Cyclone, and more are all used to ensure he pulls out a game-winning capture for the team.

Thanks again to Miatreeleafa for streaming and capturing moments like this. You can follow him on Twitch and Youtube at nFbPrototype. Are you also a streamer or Youtuber and want your content featured? Submit it or contact us on Discord!

If you’ve ever wanted to watch MoD raids, Miatreeleafa (AKA nFbPrototype) streams on Twitch.TV from time to time! We’d love to encourage more of our creative members to stream our content – raids, PvP, M+, and more!

If you missed his stream tonight, check out this highlight featuring Truetype:

Or, you can rewatch the whole vod (and its ups and downs) over at Here’s also got the video on youtube up here. Give him a follow while you’re there!

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I got a fun submission this week from Deathhoss!

“All great stories start with “so there I was”. This is no different. So there I was, thinking to myself, and I said “Self, we should have fun”. I conscripted Fistlok first to help and have a little fun. We started with molten core to throw a kegger with Ragnaros, but in the process the heat caused much discomfort. After stripping to our skivvies we continued in. After many laughs and drunken mishaps we finally arrived to what I shall refer to as the “party zone”. Poor rag just couldn’t hang.”

The party doesn’t end there:

“The next night we attempted Sunwell to see if Kil’jaedan could hang – this time with a few more people to enjoy in the fun. But again, our party spirit was too much for the Eradar Lord, and he too passed out. It has been a hoot and a half doing naked, drunken raids and anyone who has done one will say the same.”

Sound like a good time? Deathhoss had this to add:

“I am planning many more and will be adding some to the calendar. Any characters of level for the picked raids is welcome. Talking on discord is not required but it is totally worth it. To Fist, Gerunas, and Bloodwolf. Thank you for joining in hope for many more on the next one. So come join us its the second most fun you can have with your clothes off!”

Lunzzul got lucky this week! On top of getting the Fiery Warhorse from Attumen in Karazan, AND Deathcharger from Rivendare in Stratholme, she also picked up Invincible from Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. All because she has a good friend in moose-man TrueType!


I need to shout out Truetype for LITERALLY PASSING UP INVINCIBLE. Even though I would have liked if you had rolled on it, thank you tons. You’re the best <3 Love you, bud”

Two things pop into mind: this ditty from The Beatles, and of course the theme from Toy Story. Good luck, good friends, and good times are what World of Warcraft and the Ministry of Defense is all about!

(And that’s after getting 3 pieces of tier within a day last week. Somebody rub that cat for good luck!)

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