Tuesday is the guild’s 8th birthday. I will be holding raffles all day (or from when I get home). Prizes will include mounts such as the Mechano-Hog and Vial of the Sands, amongst other items. Just log into WoW that day to enter, or at least from the time point I log-on. It’s a mystery! With mystery prizes!

Thanks to everyone who took part to make this year so great!

The following is a list of prizes and winners from the year end guild raffle:

Thanks to wolframheart for donating the hexweave bags!

Congrats to all the winners!

guild raffle prizes

I’m excited. Are you excited? A sneak peak at what is to come.

Thanks to Telanlan for donating a Steelbound Harness for the raffle!

The year end guild raffle is on Jan 1st. Sign up on the WoW in game calendar to enter. This year we are giving away: 2 Vial of the Sands mounts, 2 Steelbound Harnesses (mount), 2 Mechano-Hogs, 2 Garn Nighthowls, 8 Hexweave Bags, gold, amongst other prizes thrown into the mix!

Update 12/20: Of the 58 people who have signed up for the year end guild raffle so far, I’ve been able to do a slightly non-scientific poll. The guild’s most popular class is Hunter (with 14 signups to date) and the guild’s least popular class is Paladin (with no signups to date)

I forgot about this but… someone completed Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest yesterday, granting us both Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest – Guild Edition and The Ultimate Collection! Dragonwrath unlocked a new pet from the Guild Vendor… Lil’ Tarecgosa! Buy yours now!