I’ve tweaked a lot over the last several weeks, but none were important enough to warrant their own post. So, here’s a big post on a bunch of little updates!


Homepage Posts

Previously I was having difficulties getting certain post category combinations to show up on the homepage (for example, Announcements and Member Content). I’ve fixed the issue and now any post tagged Announcement will be on the homepage, regardless of other categories.

Raid Progress Widget

If we’ve killed a boss, it has a white skull. If we’ve killed a boss on heroic, it has a yellow skull. If we’ve cleared a tier on a particular difficulty, the entire tier gains that color skull. Mythic skulls will be red. Previously, kills were green text (no skull) and heroic was white skulls. Mythic skulls were pink. I think this is a little clearer!

Raiding Homepage

I’ve clarified the text and added more links in the “Required to Raid” box. This should hopefully point people in the right direction!

I’ve also added a link to Miatreeleafa’s stream, since he showcases our raids every week. If you’re a streamer, talk to me to get your info on the site!

Raid Team Page

Instead of showing off your gear / artifact weapon (like it used to), the Raid Team page now shows off individual progress within the current raid tier. Incomplete tiers are pink, while complete tiers are green.

Raid Attendance Page

If you select “Antorus: The Burning Throne” from the dropdown, you’ll see a list of EVERYONE who has confirmed with a Warlord. These are the only people who are eligible to raid with us!

Selecting “Uldir” will show you a list of people who’ve attended raids and the % of raids they’ve attended since they started coming. Some people have confirmed and not yet attended, thus the discrepancy. For more information on the raid attendance page, check out this post.

PvP Homepage

Lunzzul has added a number of useful boxes to the PvP homepage: a Calendar, Recruitment widget, link to Miatreeleafa’s stream (he PvPs, too!), and a link to Discord.


Member Roles

There are two new member roles: Streamer and Artist. You can tag yourself as either in the #member-roles channel. These roles are taggable! Check out this post on how to assign roles to yourself.

Raiding Logs

I’ve added a webhook so any log posted to Warcraftlogs will automatically post itself to the channel. I haven’t tested this yet, but we’ll see tomorrow if it works or not!

Diablo Detachment

A number of our members play Diablo 3, and a new season just started, so there’s a channel in the Discord to discuss and organize that.


Because of the way Discord works, some roles are always going to appear before others, even if they’re on equal footing. A member who’s achieved both Vanguard (Raider) and Gladiator (PvPer) by default will show up in the Vanguard listing, even though they’re also a Gladiator. Some people might want to show up as a Gladiator even though they’re also a Vanguard. Unfortunately, this would mean we can’t tag them alongside other Vanguards if we need to. So, I created the Vanguard-Gladiator rank. People who have achieved both Vanguard and Gladiator have earned the right through effort and dedication to appear before both ranks in the list, separate from the rest. This also allows us to tag either “Gladiator” and “Vanguard” and still hit the person who falls into both roles.