(Author note: This post and the page this post discusses are best viewed on desktop rather than mobile due to the size of the content)

In light of some recent changes and to keep our Raiders better informed, I’ve taken all of the attendance information from May and June and added it to a Raid Attendance page. You can access this right from the Raiding homepage, under the basic rules and to the right of the raid times. This new system has a few bells and whistles, so let’s dive in and see what you can do!

Basic Interface


At the top of the page you can select when you would like to see the attendance records. By default, it begins with the start of the raid tier through the present day. The percentage number next to each characters name denotes that person’s overall attendance through the selected date range. Currently, all attendance is logged under one character, rather than per character / per alt. For example, Zextol and Ryzin are logged under Ryzin.

Raid Loot

Beneath the attendance information is a log of all loot received in the current raid tier for all characters, including alts. You can hover over each item to see a Wowhead-esque tooltip. We are unlikely to make much use of this, but it can be useful for tracking what was acquired on a specific raid night, as well as what has been acquired on non-raid nights by members who attend PUGs or LFRs. On a side note, this tracks the final owner of all trades, rather than simply who the item was dropped for.

Player Breakdown

Click on a character’s name in the top of the page to see a more detailed Player Breakdown of attendance. Let’s take a look at our resident Moose Man!

Attendance Stats

On the left you’ll see an up-to-date icon, followed by your attendance stats. These stats are incredibly useful to see at a glance. Remember: 2 weeks of absences is an instant demotion from Raider rank. You need to maintain 66% attendance over a 1-month period to retain Raider status.

Each line in the graph represents a different statistic. The blue line goes to points of your attendance for that raid night. If you were present, you’ll be at the 100 line. If you were absent, you’ll be at 0. If you arrived late or left early, you’ll be at the 50% mark. (Side note: some people who are never absent but sometimes show up late or leave early may have a graph that starts at 40 instead of 0. Be sure to read the left side if you think your graph is incorrect.)

The red line represents your average attendance percentage. This is useful for both you and for Raid Leads to see who has been making progress with their attendance, and see who has been slipping. A person who use to come sporadically but has recently been coming to every raid will have a fast rising red line, while a person who stops showing up will have the opposite effect.

The yellow line represents the raid average for a given raid night. You can see how you compare to the rest of the raiders.

You can hover over each of the lines in the graph to see small dots where attendance has been logged.

Attendance Entries

Beneath the graph you’ll see your attendance date entries. 1.00 means you attended; .50 means you were late or early; 0.00 denotes an absence.

Presently, there’s also a “Dispute” button. I don’t have that option implemented (yet?). It would allow someone to dispute their attendance record for the night, in case I made an error in their entry. At the moment, if you believe that you have an incorrect entry, you should submit a bug report and let me know the date you believe was incorrect. It would help if you had a link to something like this Warcraftlogs calendar to back you up as well. If there is enough interest in implementing a dispute function I will spend the time to do so.


I’ve copied over all information from May and June. Attendance records before May are neither counted for nor against you. I am currently not going to mark a person as “absent” until they show up for their first heroic raid (people gearing up on alt nights should not be penalized for not coming to heroic nights twice a week).

For some reason, all dates show as a day after the fact (6/6 shows up as 6/7). Not a big deal, but puzzling. Don’t get hung up over this too much.

If you believe that I have missed logging an alt to your name (it isn’t showing in the loot tables, or I’ve missed your attendance on those days), then you can either submit a bug report on the website, or message me in Discord with that information.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, you do not have to do anything to log your attendance. That is on us (: