How To Become a Raider in Less Than 20 Minutes:
Being a Better Player and Notes on Raiding

To everyone old and new: Welcome! This is Tiraffe, Mythic Raid Lead and person-with-WoD-flying. It’s also Quetzie, Mythic Raid Lead Raid Mom who “is not mad, just disappointed”.

This is a revamp of Tiraffe’s mythic guide from 8.2. Given the new expansion looming on the horizon, we have rewritten and refreshed it to be a general raiding guide. This is for those who are looking to get their feet wet in Shadowlands, or for those who dove into Ny’alotha mid-tier and want to get a better foundation of understanding and best practices.

For those looking for a mythic-specific guide, check out the Mythic Expectations post.

(Links to mentioned websites/addons and sources listed at the bottom)

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Welcome to “Improving your DPS: Revisited”. Some of you may remember the “Improving your DPS” guide that Quetzie wrote during Uldir to help us improve as we moved into harder fights (remember dipping our toe into Mythic for the first time? Ah, nostalgia!). Consider this the successor guide as we move into a brand-new expansion and hope to hit the ground running as a more well organized group. This guide is co-written by Quetzie (Mythic Raid Lead and Person-Who-Thinks-Alts-Are-For-Suckers) and Tiraffe (Mythic Raid Lead and person-that-did-every-Balance-of-Power).

In the first guide, Quetzie spent most of the time focusing on those who might be new to raiding or who were aware of their faulty DPS. In this guide, we revisit some of the tips that can help new players, but we also want to drill home that every level of player can find a place to improve. Even on the mythic team, nobody is perfect. There are always rotation gaps, mechanical failures, and basic preparation that can be improved upon.

Here are the topics this post will discuss:

  1. Streamline & Optimize
  2. Rotation & Opener
  3. Pre-Combat Preparation
  4. Class Resources
  5. Shadowlands Optimization
  6. Asking and Receiving Help

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Excitement! Tuesday has rolled around and you’ve opened your weekly chest. But suddenly you’re faced with a problem: you don’t know whether your currently equipped gear is better than what you’ve got. Maybe you have a couple of new pieces from raid, and you’re not sure which stats are better. What now?

One of the easiest ways to determine if a piece of gear is an upgrade is to run a simulation of your current gear against your new gear to see which is the better option. Maybe these pants have stronger single-target stats, or that trinket is better for multi-target fights. What’s “better” changes with talent builds, rotations and any number of expansion specific factors. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Simulationcraft addon in conjunction with to run simulations on gear, talents, stat distributions and dps. Feel free to click on the pictures to make them larger.

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Courtesy of Gary/Elide:

Join us for the monthly tmog competition. This month, MoD will host a ‘Favorite Hobby’ tmog contest. All submissions will be sent to me, Elide, via discord messaging.

Requirements: Your tmog must have a hobby themed outfit. Must be wearing at least 5 pieces of tmogged gear.

The favorite hobby themed tmog will receive 10k gold. Second place will receive a pack of 10 flasks and 20 battle pots of their choosing.

And finally, for the most mixed matched hobby tmog, or what we call a hobby themed Uro mog, they will receive 5k gold!

Submissions must be received by 9/30/20.Winners will be announced on 10/3!

@Hoss Van Wrinkle and @lokisapocalypse will help with judging the contest.

Courtesy of Telanlan:
Get out your naughty Gnome, it is time for another naked Gnome race. The race will start in Stormwind city and finish at a location given prior to the race start. There will be prizes for finishing in the top three and there will be a contest for best Gnome name. Please read the fine print, we do not want you to get caught with your pants down.

Race to take place on October 18th 3pm server 6pm Eastern.

1st place finish will be store mount
2nd place finish will be store pet
3rd place finish will be 10k gold

Best Name: (Voted on by the Gnomes)
1st 10k gold

Gnomish Fine print:
1. Must be in Stormwind grouped together 10 minutes prior to race. This will be a strict rule. If you are not there 10 minutes prior you will be disqualified. While you are waiting you can chant FOR THE HORDE.
2. Must be a fresh made Gnome, no Gnome will be allowed to race above level 4. You should be able to get to Stormwind without getting to many levels. You will gain levels during the race which is fine.
3. The first person to the goal and /tickle the official at the finish line is the winner. He too will be naked so do not go overboard with the tickles.
4. Discord is not required but encouraged.
5. Cheating in anyway will get you disqualified. This includes the use of Mounts which includes the heirloom mount. Race officials will call disqualifications, so do not cheat. Just run your little ass off.
6. WM off.

Courtesy of Gary:

Join us for a new monthly tmog competition. This month, MoD will host a ‘Back to school themed’ tmog contest. All submissions will be sent to me, Elide, via discord messaging.

Requirements: Your tmog must have a Back to school themed outfit. Must be wearing at least 5 pieces of tmogged gear AND if you have the Wrathion Backpack from completing visions- you cannot use it. This is to make sure all players have an even playing field.

The best back to school themed tmog will receive 10k gold. Second place will receive a pack of 10 flasks and 20 battle pots of their choosing.

And finally, for the most mixed matched school tmog, or what we call a school themed Uro mog, they will recieve 5k gold!

Submissions must be received by 8/30/20.Winners will be announced on 9/3!

@encyclopedia Hosstannica s and @lokisapocalypse will help with judging the contest.

Bellatori in our guild is offering a free battle pet leveling service on tradeable pets. The details of which are below:

From Bellatori-

Hi everyone!
I’ve started using two addons to level pets – TDScripts and Rematch.
Because of this, I’ve found leveling pets to be a lot easier now.
I know that some people would like to pet battle, but leveling up the needed pets can be a hassle.
So, I’d like to start leveling guildies pets for them 🙂

The details:
This will happen on specific days that good leveling battles are up.
This is entirely FREE – no cost to any guildies except postage for pets, if you mail me your pets.
Please ensure you have one level 25 on your account already (easily obtainable through the garrison). This is so you can learn the 25s I level for you.
And, as this is a new event, I will cap it out at 5 pets per person per event until I figure out roughly how many people are interested
What do you need to do?
– Send pets to Bellatori
– Wait
– Profit!
*It would be helpful if you nicknamed your pets whatever your character name is, but I will be keeping track of who sends me what anyways

Skip to the ‘read more’ or scroll down to see submissions!

I want to thank every member that participated in the summer themed tmog contest! This was such a rough month to judge. For real, we had to bring in an outside judge to break a three way tie. The outfits were fabulous and so much fun!

1st place summer tmog and winner of 10k gold:


“This outfit is simply adorable. It reminds me of my daughter wearing her first two piece to the swimming pool. I might have gone with a different pair of shoes.” – Loki

2nd place summer tmog with their choice of 10 flasks and 20 battle pots


“From the bottle to the shark to the board- love it! -Gary

First place Uro mog and winner of 5k gold is: Tiraffe

Thanks to our judges: lokisapocalypse , encyclopedia Hosstannica , and to our tie breaker Ryan (Zextol/Ryzin/Ryblight)

I’ll see you next month for another tmog contest!

– Gary

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Thanks to all the folks who came out as part of the carries on Wednesday (and to the many more who volunteered but we turned away because we simply didn’t have room!)

We ran through and killed N’zoth 4 times in about an hour, and secured AOTC for the following folks:

Jenazeel, Carnage, Criticalysm, Mauxie, Gioconda, Shamfam, Drift, Deathhoss, Vaelith, Celkian, Ioggas, Hodur, Direlord, Catybrie, Bloodtanuit, and Jarica

This is in addition to several AOTC (free entry) discord raffles and a few officer carries this sunday. It’s likely that we will do one more of these, so if you missed out, don’t fret!

Additionally, if you would rather raid on the heroic team and join the weekly full clears, check out the Raiding Rules and Regulations page for how to get involved!