Our open Guild Normal raid event is returning THIS MONDAY evening starting at 7pm EST – 10pm EST. We start grouping at 6:30pm EST. Discord voice will be required as well as having a ilvl of ~225. If you need help reaching this ilvl, please reach out to one of the many crafters in the guild who can make ilvl 233 gear. You can also buy ilvl 226 gear with anima at the vendor in Haven in Zerith Mortis (namely, weapons and a trinket can be bought here as they can not be crafted at ilvl 233).

Bring your mains, bring your alts.

But remember the raiding rule: Alts must be a different class than your raiding main.



  • 4 mythic dungeons
    • Week of 2/22 – 2/28
      • As high as you can go, ideally 18 timed or 19 untimed
      • Fill out the rest with 10s
    • Week of 3/1 – 3/7
      • As high as you can go
      • To max your GV for the week:
        • One 15+
        • Three 10s
    • In the future: 4 dungeons
      • 8: 262 (heroic GV)
      • 12: 272 (last 2 heroic GV)
      • 15: 278 (mythic GV)
      • Spam highest comfortable for EoD loot (see chart below)
    • “Patterns within Patterns”
      • Will be weekly on the 3/1 reset.
      • Grants rep, anima, renown, cosmic flux, cyphers, progenitor essentia


  • Dailies
  • World Quests

Other Important Bits

With the announcement of 9.2 we will be holding Sepulcher of the First Ones raid interest meetings for both raid groups this week.

Mythic Raider: Thursday 2/17 @ 7:00p EST
Peepo’s Pals Heroic Team: Saturday 2/19 @ 5:00p EST

If you intend to raid heroic or mythic for 9.2, attendance is mandatory for these meetings which will be held in the Discord voice channels.