And, actually, it’s Auntmay and his alt army being promoted to our guild’s raid leader rank. While he will be working primarily behind the scenes with mythic raid strategy and raid related administrative tasks, he will also be available to help anyone out with questions to optimize their gameplay concerning their class/spec (or he can point you in the right direction to someone in the guild who knows)! Congrats on your promotion!


The current Mythic Keystone Season isn’t over yet, however, our group picture has been taken and I do have some numbers to share for Season 2!

We currently have 15 people in the guild with a raider io score of 3000 or higher!
84 guild members have passed the 2500 io benchmark!
And a whopping 162 people in the guild have obtained their mythic keystone push reward, the Inferno Armoredon mount, by scoring 2000 io or higher!

Caveat: The above numbers probably includes some alts, especially for the 2000 io bracket.