From Mystickittie, who is now organizing the Sunday Funday event:


Hi! So, I wanted to start Sunday Funday off with a bang by hosting a foot race in Kalimdor for a hefty gold prize.


On this upcoming Sunday the 24th, everybody that wants to join the footrace will create a Tauren Warrior and choose the Red Cloud Mesa starting zone. We will start grouping in the ‘Sunday Funday’ discord voice channel at 4:45pm EST on Sunday. The finish line for the race will not be announced until the race starts. Participants can either body rez, or rez at the graveyard, upon their many deaths towards reaching the finish line! No extra items/gear/potions/heirloom mounts/etc. will be allowed. You can only use whatever gear comes with starting a character at level 1. I will be on my level 70 character, flying above watching the race, and I will be at the finish line to declare the winner. To make the event more enticing, the guild will be awarding the winner a prize of 100k gold.


See you all Sunday!