Two small and one big change coming to the site today!

New Top Banner

First, the banner at the top of every webpage has been updated. It used to be our kill pic from Nighthold:

Now, it’s our kill pic from Heroic Antorus:

New Raiding Homepage Banner

Remember the AOTC Mount Photo and submissions?

PvP Pages

Last, but certainly not least, we have a PvP section on the website now.

Much like the Raiding homepage, the PvP homepage has the most recent 10 PvP posts, and links to the rules and complete PvP news feed. It also includes a handy list of PvP-only resources, like addons and macros. The homepage lists requirements for partaking in both casual and rated PvP, and features the picture of us on our mounts after achieving For the Horde.

I continue to try to push out quality of life changes and add new, useful, and fun features to the website for the guild. If you have an idea or a suggestion, fill out the Feedback form and let me know! Is something broken? Submit a Bug Report!

The new raid days are going to interfere with one of our PvP days, so we are going to have to change our days to work around it so that everyone can attend either without interference. Because I still want to have the schedule as available to everyone as possible, I am asking everyone that wants to PvP with us in BfA to fill out this spreadsheet.


Another reminder to add is that there will  be a PvP/Rated BG interest meeting August 29 at 5pm server(8pm Eastern). If you are interested in joining us and would like to see what we are all about, be sure to pop in Discord for this quick little meeting! If you will not be able to attend, message me on Discord at any time, and I will go over the information with you.

So, since the Gurubashi Tournament was super fun, we are going to do it again Saturday, instead of the scheduled Rated Battlegrounds!

This time, there’s a twist!!

An anonymous sponsor has set a prize for 200,000 gold to the final winner. That’s right! Two hundred THOUSAND.

Because of this being literally more than a single token, to avoid gear differentials and people who are just god amongst men at their classes being paired with people who haven’t had the same experience levels, everyone who wishes to participate will be required to make a trial character for this event. You can be any class, role, and spec that you wish, but it MUST be a trial with the stock gearset.

I hope to see everyone in the arena Saturday! Let’s get as many people as possible to make it an interesting last pre-BFA event. Betting is not only welcome, but it is also extremely encouraged 😉

PvP in Battle for Azeroth

So, since Blizz did us a solid and decided to add some Warmode features early, here’s a quick rundown of what its going to look like for anyone interested!

This is essentially a TL;DR, so if there is something you don’t understand completely, refer to this.

What’s New


When a player in Warmode manages to kill more than 10 players of the opposing faction, they have a “bounty” placed on them. When a player gets a bounty on them, you will be notified when he or she comes near you, and you will be able to see it on your map. You can also loot this person when you kill him or her and get a nice little prize.

Air Drops

This one is super fun. An above aircraft will occasionally drop a crate that the two factions can fight over. Once a faction has control of this crate, anyone in that faction can loot it. Right now, its only available in Dark Shore, but it will be all over the new zones!


So, one thing that I am REALLY excited about, is the Conqueror of Azeroth title that will be available in Battle for Azeroth. These two new features will unlock three of the requirements for the achievement.  Saturday, August 4, we will try to get as many as we can done. This section will just be a quick little guide for anyone interested in  participating, as well  as for anyone who just wants to do it on their own. They are all pretty straight forward.

August 4th Event

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a four part achievement that requires you to be in a 2-5 person party.

  • Honorable kill
  • Loot Player Bounty
  • Complete Rare Elite World Quest
  • Loot War Supply Chest

War Supplied

  • Open a War Supply Crate from a air supply drop while within War Mode

Bounty Hunting

  • Loot 10 bounties from slain players while within War Mode.

As you may be able to tell, these aren’t exactly one day achievements, but my goal is to get as close to the requirements as possible. The full achievement with all the requirements is listed here. I hope to see all of you on Saturday, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

Tonight was another PvP event. Recently promoted Guild Champion Bighoss writes:

“After a slight hiccup on grouping together, a few brave souls started the PvP event for the night. We did our best to bring honor to the Horde! Fflarn, Fistlok, Gulluthord, Lvana and I fought with great tenacity. The first rated battleground didn’t go as planned, but we didn’t let that stop our hopes! Everyone showed vast improvement compared to last week’s attempts.”

Congratulations, you guys! Take it from a raid leader, there’s a lot of work that goes into forming a team and working together cohesively. That you’ve already seen improvement is wonderful. Keep it up!

“We then did one Kotmogu Brawl and to our surprise, pulled out the win!”

Guild chat was lit up with Temple of Kotmogu Victory & related achievements.

“To all who came tonight, thank you. I hope for many more in the future. And to Lunzz, even though you weren’t there, we tried to make you proud. PVP events are planned on the calendar. We would love to see you all on the glorious field of battle!”

We’ve got a lot of PvP planned! Now that the raiding season is winding down, we hope you’ll join us. I myself will be spending most of the next few days in Ashran, as both Ashran and Strand of the Ancients are disappearing in the BfA prepatch, which is confirmed for the 17th (4 days away). If you’re more of a battleground kind of person, there’s another Rated Battleground night planned for Tuesday, and a Random Battleground night planned for next Thursday. Take advantage of the battleground bonus event next week!

In honor of our recent PvP pushes, I’ve added a new category to the posts on the website: PvP. Now you’ll be able to view all PvP related posts in one convenient location! Stay tuned for other exciting events in the PvP lineup, and how we intend to give improved support for this new direction from the Ministry of Defense.

A big thanks to everyone that came out to the For the Horde! achievement on Tuesday. We had 27 people show up! It was a great time had by everyone. Lunzzul was unfortunately out of town and couldn’t make it, but big props to Bighoss for leading the attack and showing all of us the best way into various cities. Between good entry paths and quick mage portals, we finished our run in under an hour (really around half an hour if you discount all the dicking around before our first go).

Following are a ton of pictures and a synopsis!

Continue reading

Have you ever wanted to slap Anduin’s stupid little face? How about beat Tyrande’ with that stick that she’s had up her butt? And after Legion, I’m sure we all want to give Velen a piece of our mind.

Now you can!

Next week, 5PM server, we’re going to run through For the Horde. Even if PvP isn’t normally your thing, achievements are nice to have, and this is a good time to do it! We don’t know where certain NPCs will be in BfA, nor do we know how stat squish will affect the difficulty of this achievement. Plus, our Artifact Weapons are giving us a huge advantage right now. The more people we have, the easier this will be!

This is also a great way to dip your toes into PvP if you’ve never done any before. While the NPCs aren’t opposing players, chances are that opposing players will show up to defend their leaders!

Sign up on the in-game calendar and check out the PvP Discord channel for more information and news.