Just a reminder, we are progressing in heroic Antorus this Saturday. If you want to raid with us, you need an ilvl of 940 and make sure you have read the rules and requirements to raid (located here: https://www.ministryofdefense.net/raiding/raiding-rules-and-regulations/) AND have either messaged Zextol, Ganelon, Telanlan, or Quetzie that you agree to the rules by Saturday AM. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is to ensure the success of the guild as we progress through harder material.

We’ve updated the Rules & Regulations with new ilvl minimums and clarification of information and what happens when you make infractions on the rules. After you’ve read them, please go into Discord in the raiding-announcements channel and follow the instructions.

Here are the boss mechanics you should be familiar with for this weekend:

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