On account of the holiday and my absence from Heroic night, enjoy a short roundup this week.

Wednesday: Normal Bosses (Holiday!)

On account of the July 4th holiday, we opted to clear through Normal instead of Heroic. it gave our regular Raid Team a night off if they wanted, and ensured that those who had chosen to partake in drunken hijinks wouldn’t have to feel bad about potentially slowing things down.

As per usual, Normal was a breezy night. We had a few newcomers and all seemed to do pretty well, though it’s important for those with DBM or Big Wigs to please pay attention to your addon callouts. It’s good to have addons to help you, but they do you no good if you don’t pay attention!

We had a couple minor mishaps with tank swaps on Aggramar, but he went down smoothly after that got figured out (except for one poor hunter memorably launching himself off the edge with a disengage).

Wednesday Logs

Saturday: Five Hour Frenzy

Unfortunately, I was absent for Saturday’s raid…sort of. I came online at 10pm and found our raiders still going. That’s five hours of raiding. I joined for two pulls before they called it for the night (and I don’t blame them). If one of the other raiders wants to give a rundown on what happened, I’ll include it here. I do know that they downed Aggramar and were banging on Argus for a little while.

Sunday: Bonus Argus Kill

On Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the “at Argus” lockout to give it another crack. In only 3 pulls, with our own tanks (no 970 external carries!) we killed him. And we only had 1 PUG drop from start to finish. It’s hard to gauge what can be improved with so many PUGs involved, but I’m proud of us for getting another Argus kill, and getting a few AOTC for those who didn’t yet have it.

Sunday Logs (Please forgive the inclusion of a Ulduar run, as I forgot to turn off combat logging after we were done)

Monday: Finishing Up Normal

On account of the holiday, all we had to do was finalize the remaining 5 Normal bosses. We had 2 wipes on Vari but otherwise smooth sailing. It was great to once again see a few new faces, even so late in the xpack. Hope to see you Wednesday!

Monday Logs (Sorry again for forgetting to turn off logging for Pandaria bosses)