Secret Great Father Winter coming soon… aka…

Secret Santa

For those of you in the giving and getting spirit for the upcoming Holidays, Ministry of Defense will be hosting a Secret Santa for its members. A sign up sheet will appear in Discord shortly, and gifting partners will be randomized. There is a 10,000G suggested maximum for your gifts, but you can also use pet charms, darkmoon faire currency, or any other in game currency to purchase your gifts. When you sign up/receive your giftee, you can also utilize the WoW website/armory to see what the person you are gifting to needs concerning mounts/pets.

We have a discussion channel in the discord server for your use as well.

Promotions and Guild Bank Repairs

Some of you might have noticed that the Guild Bank has been accumulating gold recently. This is largely in part due to guild mythic BOE farming events, BOE donations, and direct gold deposits into the bank. Where does all this gold go, and what is it used for? The answer is quite simple:

Guild Bank funds are only used for funding Guild Repairs.

You might be thinking, how can I increase what I am allocated each day? The answer to that question is also straightforward:

Participate in Guild Events. We have events for every style and skill of gameplay. By attending MoD Guild Events, you will be recognized with a guild promotion and an increase in your guild daily repair allocation. Also, all MoD Guild Events are displayed on the in game calendar and on the website calendar.

Finally, I want to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has helped farm for mythic BOEs, or donated gold or items to the Repair Fund during the past few months. Without your help, and participation, we would not have the support to offer these repair withdrawals.

I want to join Ministry of Defense, but what….

… name do I pick for my character? What might get you in and get an invite?

Here’s a simple guide (choose 1 or choose all):

  1. Be original
  2. Be funny
  3. Be creative
  4. Be different

I’ve seen all sorts of character names applying to this guild. And we do decline people. Recent guild application declines that have come to mind have had names like Aidsinacan and Fartnuts.


If you want to be 12, be 12 somewhere else.

We’re all adults here. 😛