Raid Reminder!!

Just a reminder that we will be making our final attempt at downing heroic Coven this Saturday at 2pm server (5pm EST) before the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch launches this Tuesday. Also, a little birdy told me.. well, maybe a Violet Spellwing told me, that everyone who has received AOTC: Argus is welcome to attend a guild photo event at Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands at raid time. Please be on time tomorrow!

Heroic Argus is Down!

The guild’s raid team had a successful kill on heroic Argus this evening (we’re looking at you Coven).

Several raiders were able to get their ‘Argus: Ahead of the Curve’ achievement this evening. 🙂

Thank you to Orektarg for reminding us that the Argus kill is dedicated to one of our guild tanks, Ashkicker, who died this past May from the complications of cancer.

Heroic Aggramar? pfft. Piece of cake.

So, the raid team successfully downed heroic Aggramar on our real first night of attempts at downing this boss. Congrats to all!

On Monday, there will be a change to the raiding schedule. We will be doing heroic Argus, instead of running Alt Night on Monday. Alt Night will still happen this week, but it will be on Wednesday instead!

The Search is on: Looking for a Guild PVP Officer

As the title states, we are currently looking for someone to host/organize a weekly PVP event. The event can be casual; as in just members of MoD grouping up for random battleground queues or it can be a bit more formal with members grouping up for rated battlegrounds. It will be entirely up to you and the effort you want to put into the event. Scheduling is flexible, however we only have Tuesday and Thursday nights free on the calendar. Also, there is nothing stopping us from hosting it during the day… particularly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested, please get in contact with Urostek. The promotion to guild officer will be forthcoming, provided you continue to host then event each week.