Didn’t read it yet? You should! Check out the Uldir Pre-Raid Planning Meeting Minutes. It’s required reading for future raid attendees!

Additional questions / clarification I’ve added to the post that I’ve received since the meeting:

Do we need to have the videos memorized / mechanics all memorized?
No! Sorry, that would be totally unreasonable of us. We want you to have a good understanding of mechanics but we do not expect perfection on day one. There are going to be a lot of “Oh,¬†that’s what they meant by XX!” moments as we start raiding.

Can you clarify what you mean by “neck level”?
Yes, of course! By “neck level” we meant “Azerite Level / Artifact Power Level”. We did not mean Heart of Azeroth ilvl. I’ve edited the aforementioned text [in the original post] to clarify this point.

I didn’t read X because Y reasons / I didn’t see it in your post / I must have misheard:
If you don’t see information listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we might have forgotten. Also, if we say something verbally, feel free to tell us “Hey you should add that to a post / put it in raiding announcements”. We don’t want to forget to share important information!

But let me reclarify and reiterate: EVERYTHING posted in Raid Announcements, the Raid News feed, AND the Raider Homework feed is required reading. I also suggest reading the Player Performance category, though that is not currently required.

You can easily cut this down to the “Raid Announcements” and “MoD Website Feed” Discord channels if you don’t want to check the website specially. NOT ALL INFO WILL BE CROSS-POSTED. IT IS ON YOU TO FOLLOW THE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION CHANNELS. “I didn’t see it / didn’t know where to look” is not a valid excuse anymore!


(I’ve also edited some typos. We’re no longer proudly interested in receiving pictures to show off your member.)