Lokisapocalypse (Lokiwise, Thanos, Lightchylde, and many others) is a very active member of the Ministry of Defense Discord. He’s also a crackshot programmer who created an amazing tool for tracking World of Warcraft reputations – the World of Warcraft Reputation Calculator.

The World of Warcraft Reputation Calculator was created as a way to easily track earning reputation in World of Warcraft. As someone who’s played since Vanilla, I often found myself asking, “How many more daily quests do I need to hit Exalted?”, “How many Emissary Caches will it take to get Revered?”, “Why should I bother getting Hydraxian Waterlords reputation in Battle for Azeroth?”.

With that idea in mind, I created a tool that would display your current reputation score in a more meaningful way. By entering your character’s name, server, and realm, you can see a page that shows you how close you are to the next rank for each reputation.

By clicking the To Next Rank, for a given expansion, you can see how to earn reputation for that faction and how many more of that activity you need to do. This will allow you to see exactly how many more Emissary Caches you need to turn in to unlock Zandalari Trolls as a playable race.

I’ve also created faction pages with more details into the history of each faction. Each faction page also contains all of the repeatable ways you can gain reputation for that faction as well as what rewards you can earn at each level.

I’ll break it down here.

When you first go to https://wow-rep.com/, you’re prompted to enter information about a given character:

Once you load in a character, you can peek at an overview of your reputation progress, separated by each expansion.

Curious what you need to do to get from Honored to Revered, or Revered to Exalted? Click “To next rank” beneath each Reputation box:

Want to see rewards, a bit of background, and what you can do to increase your rep? Click on the name of the reputation to get a more in-depth look.


Loki has made an excellent tool and we’re proud to support him here. You should make the World of Warcraft Reputation Calculator a staple site that you bookmark and reference you’re unsure how next to progress on your reps. Or, if you’re loke me, just want to enjoy seeing all the green “100%” completed reputation circles!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, he’s incredibly responsive. You can message Loki on Discord, or send him a message on his site via the contact link.

World of Warcraft Reputation Calculator