In addition to our normal events schedule, Gary has organized a couple of special events during the next week (details below), and we will be hosting a AOTC carry-marathon on July 29th from 7pm – 10pm est. Check out our Discord for all the details!

First Event: Join us for a new monthly tmog competition. This month, MoD will host a ‘summer themed’ tmog contest. All submissions will be sent to me, Elide, via discord messaging.

Requirements: Your tmog must have a summer theme outfit. Must be wearing at least 5 pieces of tmogged gear.

The best summer themed tmog will receive 10k gold. Second place will receive a pack of 10 flasks and 20 battle pots of their choosing.

And finally, for the most mixed matched summer tmog, or what we call a summer themed Uro mog, they will receive a secret prize.

Submissions must be received by 7/27/20.Winners will be announced on July 31st!

Second Event: Join us on August 1 at 1pm (EST) for this year’s officer hunt! The officers of MoD will be hiding around the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, and Northrend (WM off). Level 100+ players can join in the festivities. All participants will be entered into a raffle where one lucky winner will walk away with a store mount of the their choosing! No one goes away empty handed though, all officers will have a treat to give guildies that participate as well. The officers will be around in discord during the hunt incase you have any questions. Join us for the fun!