Because Blizzard decided to be a shitter with gear this xpack (especially weapons / offhands), we’ve decided to lower the ilvl requirements for raid inclusion to 340. Too many people are stuck at 343 in a panic unable to make the cut. That’s not fair to you or to us, so we’re lowering the numbers (at least for now). I’ll be updating the rules accordingly!

As a reminder: hitting the raw numbers isn’t enough to qualify for raid. You must also read the following:

Rules & Regulations

Raider Homework for 9/6

8/23 Raid Meeting Minutes

Once you’ve read all that, confirm that fact with Quetzie. If you do not properly confirm your understanding of the aforementioned, you do not get to raid with us, even if you’re 350 ilvl and 25 azerite level.

Confirmations must be made by 5pm EST / 2pm PST. If you do not properly confirm you have 1 additional hour to do it right. No confirmations will be accepted after 6pm/3pm, and invites go out at 6:30/3:30.