Courtesy of Telanlan:
Get out your naughty Gnome, it is time for another naked Gnome race. The race will start in Stormwind city and finish at a location given prior to the race start. There will be prizes for finishing in the top three and there will be a contest for best Gnome name. Please read the fine print, we do not want you to get caught with your pants down.

Race to take place on October 18th 3pm server 6pm Eastern.

1st place finish will be store mount
2nd place finish will be store pet
3rd place finish will be 10k gold

Best Name: (Voted on by the Gnomes)
1st 10k gold

Gnomish Fine print:
1. Must be in Stormwind grouped together 10 minutes prior to race. This will be a strict rule. If you are not there 10 minutes prior you will be disqualified. While you are waiting you can chant FOR THE HORDE.
2. Must be a fresh made Gnome, no Gnome will be allowed to race above level 4. You should be able to get to Stormwind without getting to many levels. You will gain levels during the race which is fine.
3. The first person to the goal and /tickle the official at the finish line is the winner. He too will be naked so do not go overboard with the tickles.
4. Discord is not required but encouraged.
5. Cheating in anyway will get you disqualified. This includes the use of Mounts which includes the heirloom mount. Race officials will call disqualifications, so do not cheat. Just run your little ass off.
6. WM off.