The drop for the month-long Mount quest (think Un’goro crater or the raptors from Legion) is available! A number of people in the guild are beginning to acquire the quest because IT IS SHAREABLE!

You can read more about the steps to get your mount from this guide:

How to Get it

Step one: Find someone who already has the quest “A Child of Pa’ku” in their quest log. It MUST be this intro quest, none of the others will work.
Step two: Join a group they are in
Step three: They will share the quest with you
Step four: You are now on the quest!

Pay it Forward

All we ask is that if you receive the shared quest from a guildmate, please wait a day (that is, after the daily reset time) before starting the journey to receive the mount. Then if a guild mate wants the quest, you can quickly add them and follow the steps above to help them along on their journey.

Currently, Urostek and Quetzie both have it, as well as a handful of others. Assuming we’re not busy, just request to join the group. You can also ask in guild chat if anyone is available. Just point them to this post for more information!