A big thanks to everyone that came out to the For the Horde! achievement on Tuesday. We hadĀ 27 people show up! It was a great time had by everyone. Lunzzul was unfortunately out of town and couldn’t make it, but big props to Bighoss for leading the attack and showing all of us the best way into various cities. Between good entry paths and quick mage portals, we finished our run in under an hour (really around half an hour if you discount all the dicking around before our first go).

Following are a ton of pictures and a synopsis!

Pre-battle! We met up in Duskwood, and hung above the Twilight Grove as our staging point. We figured this would be high enough out of the way that any alliance in the zone beneath us wouldn’t get wind of what was coming. (also pictured: Hoss giving a rousing battle speech). I’m not sure why we all chose blue and purple mounts for a stealth mission on an orange tree…

The exception was Hoss, who bravely scouted solo to check out our point of entry and give the all-clear before returning to us to lead the charge.

Storming Stormwind

Once we received the call, the Ministry of Defense began our descent into Elwynn Forest, flying over Goldshire and up the Northshire River, approaching Stormwind from the side. (If you look closely, you can see that some members switched to very appropriate titles, such as Kingslayer, for the event).

It was fun to watch all the dots descend upon Stormwind.

Anduin didn’t stand a chance. Neither did the brave, lone defending Alliance player who came to his aid. Storming Stormwind and slaughtering the kingĀ  has never been so easy.

Normally we might have stuck around for a victory dance upon his throne, but we opted to beat a hasty regroup and make our way to Darnassus, setting our sights on Tyrande next.

Immortal No More

For our next stop, we met at the Shatterspear War Camp in Darkshore. We summoned any stragglers while Hoss scouted ahead again.

Someone made the brilliant suggestion of getting on our Horde blimps (if we had them) or other horde mounts for the trek. This seemed like a perfect idea, so those of us who could kitted up. We then made our way across the sea, battling fatigue with vigor at the thought of taking down such a hated Alliance champion.

Getting into Darnassus was…an adventure. Many of us spent a lot of frustrating time banging into trees in an attempt to remain stealthily covered. Sorry to my passenger for the twigs in your face…

Once we got into Darnassus, we streamed into the temple and up the stairs as fast as our respective classes could take us. Guards melted, and level 60 quest givers simple fell over at the sight of us.

Malfurion, likely thinking we were doing him a favor, simply watched without lifting a finger (feather) as we slaughtered Tyrande. Let’s be real, we probably were.

We all waved in encouragement at Malfurion as we melted Tyrande where she stood. Really, he’s better off. After attaining Immortal No More, we quickly got out of there and made our way to Ironforge.

Overthrow The Council

Unfortunately, I have no images of our staging area for Ironforge. I didn’t think to take any pictures of us before heading in. We perched high atop the front gates, before once again following the war-cry down inside. There were a few of us who, uh, will remain anonymous, that took a wrong turn before Hoss showed us the right path into the throne room.

Somewhere in there, tiny Alliance leaders are getting destroyed.

Muradin was the last to remain standing. But even he, too, fell before our overwhelming might. It was pretty easy to overthrow the council that day. The Alliance is pretty pathetic.

Hoss took a moment to gloat after and sit in the Big Chair before we headed to our final destination: Exodar.

Putting Out the Light

Once again, we met up at the Warcamp and flew over to Darnassus. This time, we took the boat to Exodar. As it’s a no-fly zone, we needed other mounts. What is more Horde than a mortorcycle gang? Pretty much nothing. Those without bikes rode in mammoths – giant beasts, sure to strike fear into the hearts of any poor Alliance soul watching us charge through.

At one point, we were terrified we’d been spotted and our cover was blown – until we realized it was simply a level 6 Draenei running into the absolute last place she wanted to be. Still, we aren’t monsters. We fight with honor! We waved her past us in a generous show of compassion.

After that, however…we rode out.

Getting to Velen was laughable. He had more guards than any of the previous leaders combined between us and him, but they did nothing to stop our onslaught.

The ground was littered with corpses of fallen guards. Pathetic! (Also, take a look in the background, and see a level 9 Draenei who came and watched us hopelessly slaughter his questgiver. Beware, little one: next time could be you).

After an expansion of listening to Velen’s total failures, it felt good to put him in his place and finalize Putting Out the Light.


LOK’TAR OGAR! For the Horde!

Feeling safe from impending counter-attacks – and having gotten tips that the Alliance were forming a counter-offensive rather than mount a defense – we took the time to take a silly group picture before heading back to Orgrimmar for a final group shot (and potentially, live up to our namesake as the Ministry of Defense, were they still there for us to slaughter).

But as is tradition, as had one last thing to do before leaving.

Kill the bankers, flight masters, and auctioneers before teleporting swiftly back to Orgrimmar.

Onlookers were rightfully amazed at our prowess and our feat.