On account of our raid team going 7/8 in two days (holy smokes are we impressed), we’re going to be continuing a trend we picked up in Antorus with Argus, and setting up another raid time this weekend.

Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST we will be going for the kill on G’huun. Invites start going out at a half an hour before, as usual.

Sunday Funday will only be going from 3-5 PST / 6-8 EST as a result.

Please watch the G’huun videos from previous Raider Homework assignments. If FatBoss adds a live (not beta) video between now and then, I’ll make sure to post it for you guys! If anyone has G’huun experience, we welcome you to share your thoughts and strategies in the Raiding Discussion Discord channel.

As a reminder, this is still only for those who properly confirmed with a Warlord that you’ve read the rules / done the homework. This “pick up” event does not count towards or against Vanguard promotions.