Holiday Raffle winners

Thanks to everyone who took part to make this year so great!

The following is a list of prizes and winners from the year end guild raffle:

Thanks to wolframheart for donating the hexweave bags!

Congrats to all the winners!

2017 Holiday Raffle goodies

guild raffle prizes

I’m excited. Are you excited? A sneak peak at what is to come.

Thanks to Telanlan for donating a Steelbound Harness for the raffle!

The year end guild raffle is on Jan 1st. Sign up on the WoW in game calendar to enter. This year we are giving away: 2 Vial of the Sands mounts, 2 Steelbound Harnesses (mount), 2 Mechano-Hogs, 2 Garn Nighthowls, 8 Hexweave Bags, gold, amongst other prizes thrown into the mix!

Update 12/20: Of the 58 people who have signed up for the year end guild raffle so far, I’ve been able to do a slightly non-scientific poll. The guild’s most popular class is Hunter (with 14 signups to date) and the guild’s least popular class is Paladin (with no signups to date)

2016 Holiday Raffle

There is currently an end of the year guild raffle underway for mysterious mystery prizes! Sign up on the calendar (Jan 1) to enter! Thank you all for the fun and hard work this past year! You do not need to be logged on to win!

Update 12/26: Just an FYI about the raffle on Sunday… there will be a minimum of 5 different prize packages… worth over 50,000G in total.

Update 1/1: Just some info regarding the raffles later today… the following are items that will be randomly raffled off as part of 6 prize packages. I will also post the winners later. Prizes include: Void-Shrouded Satchel, Mysterious Fortune Cards, Grumpling, Awesomefishes, Crispy Bacon(s), Thermal Anvil, Mechano-Hog, Red Helper Box, Coalfist Gronnling, 17 Stormray, Garn Nighthowl, 4x Hexweave Bags, 10000 Gold, Goblin Glider Kit

Update 1/1: Our winners are Fuuyall, Trypticon, Celaeda, Ragnarnar, Gremlin, Deh, and Avarkus. Congrats!

Odyn Workin’ It


I don’t really know what to say about this one. Apparently, neither does Q have any excuses:

“I wish I remembered the entire conversation that brought this work of art to life. Something about Eilena looking up Odyn’s skirt during the Halls of Valor dungeon, her checking him out, and it evolved into him twerking for her.”

Folks, some things a man just shouldn’t have to see.

Draenor Raider Guild Achievement Unlocked!

Thank you to everybody who participated in Blacksteel Battleboar!

Shoutout to the participants:


I just did the raffle for 25,000G for those who participated, and Avarkus won. Congrats, Vark!