Courtesy of Gary:

Join us for a new monthly tmog competition. This month, MoD will host a ‘Back to school themed’ tmog contest. All submissions will be sent to me, Elide, via discord messaging.

Requirements: Your tmog must have a Back to school themed outfit. Must be wearing at least 5 pieces of tmogged gear AND if you have the Wrathion Backpack from completing visions- you cannot use it. This is to make sure all players have an even playing field.

The best back to school themed tmog will receive 10k gold. Second place will receive a pack of 10 flasks and 20 battle pots of their choosing.

And finally, for the most mixed matched school tmog, or what we call a school themed Uro mog, they will recieve 5k gold!

Submissions must be received by 8/30/20.Winners will be announced on 9/3!

@encyclopedia Hosstannica s and @lokisapocalypse will help with judging the contest.