Raid Pre-Planning Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction from the Warlords
  • Rules and Regulations changes
    • DPS Requirements
    • Raid Confirmation
    • Feasts VS Personal Food
    • Requirements for Ny’alotha
    • Sign-up Sheet
    • Moving from Heroic to Mythic
  • Old Rule Reminders
    • Coming on Time
    • Confirming and Coming to Raids
    • Discord / Communication
    • Discord Bots
    • Vanguard status
    • Loot
    • Respect
  • Pre-Ny’alotha reading & videos (WIP)
  • Q&A

Introduction from the Warlords

Zextol: Main raid lead, final say, head honcho
Lineda: Weekend main lead
Quetzie: DPS scrutinizer, paperwork pusher
Telann: Main tank strategist
Urostek: Guild Leader (above the Warlords!). Recruiter, raffle master, smoother-of-issues, final say in all things period.

Rules and Regulation Changes

DPS Requirements

Heroic – In addition to ilvl requirements, there may be DPS / HPS minimums, especially on later bosses of the raid. This will not take effect right away! Don’t be worried if you make mistakes or think that you’re not pulling your weight. We will not sit someone the first time they struggle with something, and we would be happy to help anyone who is. This is the last raid of the xpack. We want everyone to get their shiny AOTC mount!

Mythic – Mythic players who intend to swap mains mid-tier must prove that they are capable on their intended new main, and that their swap is an asset to the group. It should be close in ilvl to their current main, and must perform a TBD minimum DPS output in comparison to their current main (IE we may decide that a new character needs to pull a minimum 90% DPS of the current character).  Any character who intends to swap needs to provide logs (either from the weekend team or a pug). A character who is ‘visiting’ the weekend team only for the purpose of getting logs is encouraged to pass on loot rolls during this time (it would not be fair to join the weekend group, take BiS loot, and then leave them forever).

Raid Confirmation

New members confirming for raid will need to confirm by Friday. If raid is at 5pm on Saturday, you cannot confirm the rules at 4pm Saturday. You need to have messaged a Warlord by 11:59pm Friday. If you confirm the rules after Friday, you must wait until the following week to join in the raid. This gives us time to verify that you have hit any minimum requirements, and prevents problems of expected turnout / composition (too many healers / tanks, undergeared DPS, etc).

No more feasts likely

Since there are no new foods and flasks, spare parts are likely to be largely ignored in 8.3, and secondary stats are better, we will likely be ditching Feasts as a way of buffing the raid. We are hoping to provide personal food for raiders to make up for that (we have the donation sheets for a reason) but if it becomes too much of a drain on our resources, we will require raiders to bring personal food instead.

Requirements for Ny’alotha

ilvl: 430 normal, 445 heroic.

Azerite neck level: 65 normal, 70 heroic.

Sign-up Sheet

Please sign up with your character name on the sheet. Leave the ‘confirmed’ column blank – that’s for us. If you want to move into mythic, Say ‘yes’ in the Mythic box – otherwise, leave blank.

If you’re not yet sure what you want to play, please select your final choice by 1/10. We will not be choosing this for you (except in cases of say, multiple tanks. We will let you know who gets the roles)

Moving from Heroic to Mythic

Please reach out to us if you want to move into Mythic. We can review logs and assess your skills to get you where you need to be. You may spend a few weeks on the Heroic team before being swapped onto the Mythic team, or you may get placed into Mythic and then swapped into Heroic if you seem to be struggling. A player who is comfortable routinely timing 10+ keys will have a good shot at the Mythic team. A character who doesn’t run keys at all or who struggles with mid-level keys may have to put in more work before getting onto the team, but we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Old Rule Reminders & Clarifications

Arriving on time

Please show up at the half-hour pre-raid start time. This means that if raid starts at 7pm, you should be ready for invites at 6:30. No “let me finish doing my world quests”, no “I’m on an alt I’ll log onto my main at 6:55”, no delays. You are expected to be in the raid group at the half-hour period. This allows time for people who forgot to do things during the week – time to buy reroll tokens, change talents, buy pre-pots, etc. Once we’re organized and ready to roll, then we can start clearing trash. The more people who show up early, the sooner we can actually pull a boss at 7. Obviously if you can’t be online early because of work / school / etc, that’s understandable – but if you’re online, you’re expected to be in the raid.

Confirming for and Coming to Raids

Everyone, even those who previously confirmed with us, will have to re-read the Rules & Regulations and confirm that fact with us.

After you’ve confirmed, you will receive invites as long as you are signed into Discord. If you don’t receive an invite (maybe you’re on an alt, or we’ve forgotten who you are has forgotten), speak up in the Raiding Channel and we’ll add you. We do not pay attention to folks who are signed up on the in-game calendar; the calendar exists purely for your information on what we are doing on a given day.

Discord / Lines of Communication

If you know you’re going to be missing a night, please let us know in the Raiding Attendance channel.

Change your discord name / add your character name to your Discord name (for example Raef (Quetzie)).

The Discord channels will be our primary source of notification for all of the following.

  • Raiding Announcements: General updates such as raid cancellations, time changes, current progression boss encounter videos and special events being offered to Vanguards
  • Raiding Discussion: Discussion, including any of the mentioned notes in Raiding Announcements. If you have questions, information to share, etc, post it here.
  • Raiding Attendance: If you’re going to be late or absent, please let us know.

Other places to find important information are the in-game calendar / website calendar and the Raiding Site.

Discord Bots

Quetzie has spent a decent amount of time setting up Discord bots for us.

!weakauras will respond with required weakauras.
!audit links the audit sheets (These will be updated for 8.3). This helps us track who has enchants, gems, has run mythics, etc.
!rules links to the rules pages.
!donation links to the raider donation sheet.

You can use these to figure out what you need, or help new folks find what they need instead.

Vanguard Rank

Vanguards require 66% of qualifying raid attendance; they have higher daily guild repair funds, and access to raider tabs in the bank. They must also donate as per our donation sheet.


You are not required to roll off any loot you receive. If you do want to give up loot to the raid, whisper Lineda or Quetzie the item. They will place it up for roll and monitor the rolls for who is on a main, who is on an alt, who’s rolling for offspec, etc.

Mythic – When we start getting more into ‘farm’ territory on mythic, we will be utilizing again. For an overview of, check out this longish VoD saved from Quetzie’s stream.

1:10: Setting up your droptimizer to see what gear you need
2:43 going to and setting loot
4:31 setting offspec loot (SKIP TO 6:45 AND COME BACK)
8:00 wcl traits / talents – unrelated to RC.IO, feel free to skip!
11:22 Upgrade vs BIS – what to use and when
17:49 advantages to RC.IO VS other loot organization options

(Warning: you’ll hear the occasional discord ping. Don’t let it drive you crazy.)


We run this for you guys – 2 groups x 2 nights a week + background time = basically apart time job for multiple people. We ask that you respect us as well as each other.

If a Warlord asks to sit you, it’s not because of a personal grudge. It’s because your DPS or mechanics are failing the team and causing the boss to be much harder than it is. This doesn’t mean you’re permanently benched! We can work with you to bring you up to speed on mistakes you made and help you grow as a player. Do not argue or talk back with the Warlord about why you were sat. Feel free to discuss it with them or with Urostek after the raid night is over.

If you have a problem with something mid-raid, please be constructive if you choose to bring it up. Also, it is generally the sort of thing that you should feel comfortable “sharing with the class”. If you’re going to bitch about a person, that’s not helpful and is also kinda rude. If you’re going to link DPS meters…trust me, we’ve seen how shitty that person is. If you’re going to complain that someone got hit by the same mechanic every time, trust me, we know. If you have something constructive – “Can you mark this add” or “do you want me to call out X mechanic”, or similar, that is immensely more helpful than mid-raid bitching. All that does is distract the Warlords and take time away from everyone else because we either have to respond to you or think about how irritating you’re being.

That said…feel free to PM us nice things. We like nice things. Lineda loves puns. 😉

Required Raid Reading / Viewing

You must be prepared before the raid starts. It will be painfully obvious who has not watched the videos / read the information after a few pulls, and those people will be benched.


Q: What are we doing about mythic recruitment for buffs? Sometimes we’re missing crucial ones (warrior shout, etc).
A: We’re doing everything we can to recruit for both groups. This includes targeting specific classes. We have a few people we’ve got an eye on.

Q: Are there going to be progressive DPS and ilvl checkpoints as we advance throughout the tier?
A: Yes

Q: When we have to pull in a PUG for a given role, who are we giving preference to?
A: We’d rather pull in guildies, even if they’re slightly undergeared or familiar. It will help give them experience and keeps loot within the family!

Q: What if we can’t make every raid day for heroic, or only specific days (just sat/mon)?
A: It may be more of a problem for tanks and healers, but we will work it out as best we can. DPS have more leeway.

Q: Is there a plan in place to start groups for obtaining the cloaks, running the invasion points, etc?
A: Nothing really. Much like M+, we expect people to want to group up and do it on their own. Be responsible for your own success. That said if you start falling behind others, we may start riding you about getting it done.

Q: Can we donate gold instead of raw materials for Vanguard donations?
A: Probably. Let us come up with a fair amount.

Q: If a Mythic person has a permanent character on the Heroic team, is that character considered an “alt” or a “main” for the purposes of loot rolling?
A: We will have to discuss it – we don’t have an answer for that yet.

Q: Can we ‘raid ahead’ of the guild?
A: Yes and no. We know that people are excited to start the new raid. However, raiding on the same difficulty as your raid group locks out your ability to receive loot. This means you may ‘eat’ loot. If there are 20 people in a raid, 5 pieces of loot could drop. If you already killed the boss, and the game decides you get the loot….nobody gets it, and the raid only gets 4 pieces.  However, you can raid ahead on alts, and tanks are excluded from this rule. If a tank wishes to PUG the raid so that the run goes more smoothly for their group, they can do so. However eventually we will ask them to stop doing that.

Q: What’s the starting plan for mythic?
A: That depends on you. We want to be a little more aggressive in our progression this tier. However, we can only be that way if everyone puts forth the effort. If we go into normal and kill 8 bosses on the first night, we can jump right into heroic! If we only kill 3 bosses, we can’t really move into heroic yet.

Do you have additional questions that weren’t answered? Feel free to send Quetzie a message. She and the raid leads will discuss it and get back to you!