Thank you to everyone who came to the mythic raid planning meeting! We know not all of you could make it, and some of you want notes to review, so this is a compiled list of topics covered – and one not! – from the meeting.

We highly encourage everyone to review this sheet, even if you already attended the meeting. For one thing, there’s a note of something we forgot to mention (about performance reviews), and for another, it’s an easy reference for what was a moderately compacted meeting.


Time Adjustment
Finalizing Mains
Rule Updates
Raid Mats
Shadowlands (no spoilers)
Oops, we forgot
Shadowlands (spoilers)



  • Welcome
    • Peepsy is new co-tank
    • Neko returns
    • Vaughna steps into mythic
  • Gary is Progression Heal Lead
    • Likely to work most closely with Tiraffe and Phall in analysis & setup

Time adjustment

  •  Reverting to TH/FR 7-10p EST by majority vote

Raider Expectations

  • Raid Guides and Raid Rules
    • Introduction to raiding guide
      • Resource for anyone, new and old
    • Mythic Expectations Guide
      • This is required reading
    • Stay up to date on all discord/website information
      • Keep an eye on channels for guides so we’re all on the same page – hope to minimize guesswork on which strat we are using
      • Will have resources for ‘what to do every day’ and ‘what to do every week’ lists
  • Will be adding people to the audit sheet,, etc soon.
    • Please be aware of your limitations in regards to trinkets for your role / spec, and weapon tokens available to your class/spec.

Finalizing Mains

  • Players with more than 2 mains selected on sign-up sheet need to narrow down their choices.
    • Please contact WLs if you are still unsure or have questions.
    • You are choosing what you are maining, not what you might pick up in a month. “Main” specifically defined (and noted by check marked boxes) on the mythic roster spreadsheet. ? is “I might main this if balance changes in the next 2 weeks”
  • Flex players: Several existing Mythic raiders will be permitted to switch between specs/classes in order to deliver a utility or requirement depending on each boss encounter.
    • These players are subject to the same loot rules and priorities as everyone else (if you are DPS on only half the bosses, you don’t get “BIS trinket” priority compared to someone who is DPS on all bosses).
    • Flex players switching around/subbing will need to coordinate changes and communication to WLs to avoid burn-out.

Rule Updates

  • Loot distribution:
    • Trade item to designated WL to put it up for trade.
    • MS > OS priorities.
    • will be used to double-check MS, OS, etc. rolls.
    • We will be asking for droptimizer reports periodically as loot needs get updated (not often).
      • There are plenty of folks in the guild that can run the premium sims if needed.
  • Weekend team mains/alts:
    • Lineda has a contract for those who want to participate in the weekend team.
    • We hope to prevent people bringing in undergeared characters who show up for 2 weeks, take loot, and never return to the weekend raid.

Raid Materials

  • Donations
    • Beginning January 2021 (allow everyone time to pool their own resources)
  • Cooking/Alchemy/Gems/Inscription/Enchanting
    • May be setting up a sheet to have designated guildies to cover each profession.
    • Players will be given mats for end items for raid, not for levelling professions.
    • Players will need to be revered with 2 of the reps to acquire feasts/cauldrons.
    • Feast requires 5 Elysian Thade caught from any zone. Feasts also require both small and large neutral and Stam food crafts as subingredients.

Shadowlands Info (nonspoiler)

  • Leggo Craft/Etc
    • May include crafting mats for making base items and optional reagents for leggo crafts as part of the donations (to avoid paying extortionate prices at the start of expac as tuning happens).
  • Mythic Bosses only drop 3 pieces of loot.
    • Warforge/titanforge/bonus rolls will not be a thing in the Shadowlands. Your weekly box will be super important for securing permanent gear upgrades.
  • WLs will be keeping an eye out on each raider as we are not setting parameters such as ilvl/dps requirements before the raid opens, as non-ilvl power will affect your output. Make sure that your main isn’t starting off on the wrong foot.
  • M0 world tour 11/27 and 12/3, 12/4
    • Changes to the mythic raider spreadsheet have been made to allow everyone to RSVP (last column yes/no)
    • If you are unable to attend we will try to put together an individual group to get everyone capped.
    • You can bring a different character to each week of world tour, but bring one of those two characters to raid.
  • Leveling in SL:
    • Leveling groups are not required and have no need to rush to 60 on the first day outside of the 1st heroic dungeon.
    • No official planning of groups: plan your own groups
    • WM leveling highly suggested to be conducted in groups.
      • Refer to server times for people leveling with WM off – toggling it back on during the later hours in the night (1am) will have lighter alliance activity for WM off people to catch up.

Q&A (anything unable to be wrapped into other sections)

  • List of Banned toys
    • Like, all of ‘em
    • No noisemakers, no transmorpher, swapblaster, cheeky mage portals, etc.
    • Use toys on break!
  • What class should I play?
    • You should probably know at this point. Lock it in by Nov 30th at the latest.
    • Ask us if you still need help, but we will not pick for you
  • What are the expectations for maintaining a mythic ready alt?
    • There are none. It’s always beneficial to keep an alt handy, but there’s no requirement. You can play one character and be perfectly fine.
    • That said, make sure to focus on the character you are actually bringing to raid and avoid spreading yourself thin over too many alts.
  • Are we jumping into Mythic right away?
    • No. We’re going to spend some time in normal and heroic first. This will help us solidify mechanics. Remember also, gear acquisition is incredibly difficult. Some of us may not even get gear the first time we run through a raid. In BFA, a 10-boss raid would drop 45 pieces of loot + bonus rolls. In Shadowlands, this raid drops 27 pieces of loot per 20 players, no bonus rolls. So it’s important for us to farm up a little bit in addition to understanding the mechanics.

Something We Forgot

  • Expect reviews / performance checks now and again
    • At least once when getting into mythic, and probably on “wall” bosses
    • Ideally we’d have done this before / during Carapace, Il’gynoth, or Ra-Den, for example.

Shadowlands Spoiler Info

  • Legendary Crafting
    • You won’t be able to craft your 1st legendary until week 2; it may be a good idea to hold crafting until tuning. But make one before raid anyway if possible, as it will be hard to beat and nothing should get completely dumpstered in tuning.
    • Don’t waste gold on week 1/2 boe drops that get replaced when the raid opens.
    • May add additional crafting mat opportunities for the monthly donations
    • If you craft extra base items, you can put them in the raider tabs, but it’s not required to make them.
  • Rep Grind
    • Aside from the aforementioned cauldrons/feasts and Crafter’s Mark III for setting ilvl on crafted gear, there isn’t an immediate rep grind beyond honored, not even for flying. (No rep grind to exalted in the first month.)
    • There is Renown, but there is catch-up for alts and it’s capped per week.
  • Completion of weekly events to stay relevant, even though there is no infinite grind to worry about
    • Soul Ash for Legendary
    • Renown for Soulbinds/Covs
    • Capping M0’s (and M+).
    • We aren’t going to require rated pvp though.
  • How to get base legendary pieces, odds-n-ends consumables, etc
    • There will be people who have always had specific professions (Quetz LW, Uro BS, etc) but you may have to help supply them if you want something
  • Great Vault
      • During a week, let’s say you complete the following keys: +15, +15, +15, +14, +14, +13, +13, +10, +10, +10, +10, +10, +8, +6, +6.
        • Your first reward will be a Mythic Level 15 reward (Highest Key).
        • Your second reward will be a Mythic Level 14 reward (4th Highest Key).
        • Your third reward will be a Mythic Level 10 reward (10th Highest Key).
      • Doing the raid gives access to specific loot.
        • The first 8 bosses are on the same loot table. The last 2 give higher ilvl loot. Cannot do 1 boss and random into final boss loot.
      • What if you don’t like any of the loot rewards offered from your Great Vault?
        • Covenant-related currency offered instead

Wrap up

Great job in BFA, everyone. We can’t reiterate enough how proud we are of the whole team this expansion. We look forward to the things Shadowlands will bring us. Stay tuned for information on what you should do daily, weekly, etc if you want to stay on top of your game.

Omae Wa Mou Shinderu, Carapace