Coming with stat-squish, pre-patch, and the “off-season”, we’ll be changing a few things in raids. First change will be until Battle for Azeroth drops, and the next will be until Uldir drops.

Raid Pre-Patch Schedule

First and foremost, we’re dropping down to 2 raid nights a week maximum until BfA. We’re dropping the Saturday raid (party animals rejoice!) and keeping the Monday normal night. Keeping our normal night will allow those who want to level alts, those who are returning to WoW, or those who are joining us for the first time, a chance to get gear and get into the habit of raiding with us.

We’re potentially keeping our Wednesday night raids for heroics. Bosses will be done “as requested”. We may not go for agg/argus. Due to stat squish, things on heroic may be way over- or under-tuned, especially as we adjust to our new talents, missing talents, missing artifact abilities, and more.

Keeping our Monday normal night also gives those of us struggling with the class changes a chance to adjust to them in structured content we’re already familiar with.

BFA Raiding Timeline and Schedule

This 1-2 nights continues until BfA launches. When BfA launches, we will be taking a break from raiding until Uldir drops, which will be 3 weeks after launch. Then Mythic will be opening. Around that point, we will be using the information from the BfA Raid Planning Spreadsheet to determine raid dates & times. Then the raid team will start focusing on raid progression again. This means that if you already filled out the sheet, but your schedule changes, you can update the sheet until we start prepping for raids in BfA.


66% attendance to maintain Raider status is no longer mandatory until Uldir. I am putting a “freeze” on raid attendance until Uldir drops. This allows those who are burned out or who want to concentrate on other things in the pre-patch ample time to do whatever they please. If you have previously attained Raider status, you will keep it, unless you choose not to raid in BfA. As such, I am going to be wiping all attendance records for current Raiders, and no longer keeping track of them. This will clear up the Raid Attendance page significantly, as well as clean up the back-end for that page. It makes my life a lot easier!

Don’t worry! You can still earn Raider status until BfA launches. If you are a new or returning guild member, attending 5 regularly scheduled raids (not bonus “argus kill” raids – I don’t keep attendance at those) within a 1 month time will net you Raider status. This grants you more daily gold for repairs and greater esteem by others in the guild. Oh, and speaking of Raider rank…

Changes to Titles

Not too long ago, we created a Champion rank, for those in the guild who go above the regular expectations of members but don’t quite commit to, or fall into, the Raider and Veteran categories. Not long after, we created a Gladiator rank for the upcoming PvP team. Our Raiders were jealous – Champion and Gladiator are really cool titles! In order to appease whiners raise the level of badassery in the guild, we’ve renamed many Guild ranks.

Raid Leader has become Warlord
Raider has become Vanguard
Veteran has become Centurion
Officer has become Legati

Guild Assistant may be renamed as well. We’ll keep you updated.

Other Scheduled Activities until Uldir

Burned out on raiding? Bored of Antorus? Here are a few alternatives that can keep you active in the Ministry of Defense family. Being really active could even net you Champion!

Old Raid / Dungeon Achievements

Consider joining Bulborbish for Sunday Funday, and filling out his poll to determine what sort of achievements people would like to chase down.


Lunzzul is starting a PvP team. Fill out her spreadsheet to help determine what times and days would be best. No experience necessary!

Mythic Keystones

For now, Foxxie (Tiv) is continuing to run Mythic Keystones. After stat-squish, it’s going to be an excellent opportunity to hone your new or changed class skills and work together in small teams to figure out how changes to threat generation effect dungeons, in environments we’re already familiar with.