Congratulations to the whole team and the guild. The team put in a lot of hard work, but the team couldn’t do it without the guild’s support.

Fun fact: This is the fastest the guild has progressed through normal and heroic so far (spent 1 day on normal, and the first mythic kill was only 5 weeks later!)

Hello Mythic Raiders!

Once again, the raid leads are asking you to be critical of your performance. Those who were around in Nathria remember this; for those who are new, don’t sweat.

We’re asking you to send Tiraffe and/or Quetzie a self-evaluation of your performance thus far in the tier. Consider what your strengths are, and where you are struggling. We ask that you tell us 3 things that you can improve on, and how you intend to do so (please be more specific than “die less” or “higher DPS”). These evals don’t have to be long – a few sentences is fine.

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Short sweet, and to the point.

Sanctum of Domination:

Hazelnutty Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Guides
Mythic Trap Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Guides (starting at the Tarragrue)
Sanctum of Pineapples mechanic minigame
Wowhead Sanctum of Domination Guides – Wowhead

Tazavesh Megadungeon:

Hazelnutty Tazavesh Guide
Mythic Trap Tazavesh Guide
Wowhead Tazavesh Guide

Mythic+ Guides:

Tormented Affix Preview
Class Specialization Mythic+ Guides – check your spec page for tips on what anima powers to take with the new affix




  • Max renown
  • 4 mythic dungeons
    • Week of 6/29 – 7/5
      • As high as you can go, ideally 18 timed or 19 untimed
    • Week of 7/6 – 7/12
      • As high as you can go
      • To max your GV for the week:
        • One 15+
        • Three 10s
    • In the future: 4 dungeons
      • 8: 236 (heroic GV)
      • 12: 246 (last 2 heroic GV)
      • 15: 252 (mythic GV)
      • Spam highest comfortable for EoD loot (see chart below)
  • Korthia weekly
  • Covenant Assaults / Maw Invasions
    • Once Tuesday – Friday
    • Once from Friday – Monday
  • Tormentors of Torghast
    • Soul cinders
    • Check if you’ve completed it for the week:
      • /run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(63854))
  • Torghast


Korthia Dailies

  • All 3
    • Korthite Crystals
    • Catalogued Research

Sweaty Grindy Optional


Korthia Rares & Treasures

Alt Korthia Dailies

  • Korthite Crystals
    • These are BoE and can be funneled from alts into mains

Tormentors of Torghast (every 2 hours)

  • Soul ash
  • Rep


  • Small amounts of Valor


  • Alternate gear
  • Very sweaty

There will be an interest meeting if you wish to be on the Weekend Heroic Team (AKA Peepo’s Pals) this Saturday, July 3rd, at 5pm EST. If you can not make it, but want to raid heroic difficulty, please reach out to Peepo on our Discord. For the forseeable future, Peepo’s Pals will be raiding on Saturdays starting at 5pm EST and Mondays at 7pm EST for three hours each night.

Whether you were able to make it, or whether you weren’t (BULBZ, on a BEACH in FRANCE), we’ve added these minutes to the website per usual so that they’re easy for people to read through or review, especially as we made the meeting as quick and efficient as possible.


Raider Expectations
Finalizing Mains
AOTC Carries
9.1 Prep
Loot Rules
Weekend Filling
Raid Materials / Donations
Mythic + Requirements
9.1 Launch Activities
Raider Evals
Stuff We Forgot

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It’s that time of year!

Raid Mom for Kids 2021!

For the last several years, I (Quetzie) have been doing charity streams to benefit various causes. I started in 2019 with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, later raised money for a MoD family in need that fall, and last year donated $500 to various COVID-19 PPE causes. This year I return again and am looking to raise $500 to donate St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with their yearly PLAY LIVE campaign.

To up the ante for my fundraising goal, I am going to be doing a number of incentives to encourage donations. Some of these donations benefit you, while some of these donations just harass me. You’ll have to decide which options suit you best.

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Zurro will be hosting a new mythic keystone event on Monday evenings. Please see his message below about the details:

Shadowlands Keystone Event Monday 7pm-9pm est. (group starts forming at 6:30pm est)

ilvl 205+ for 10s-12s
ilvl 210+ for 13s-15s
Fully enchanted and socketed
Suggested flasks, potions and food
Be in discord

The main goal of this event is to help people get the Keystone Master and Keystone Conqueror achievements. As a secondary goal hopefully this event can provide a gateway for people interested in learning how to be successful in mythic keystones (strategies, routes, how to handle certain affixes and what mobs to CC or skip for each shadowlands dungeon).

Some reminders:

All of MoD Rules and Regulations apply to this event.

1. Everyone’s knowledge is different. Basic knowledge for you might be new information for others. With that said please approach questions with respect and without condescension. Patience with mistakes/wipes is also greatly appreciated.

2. Players are not required to trade end of dungeon loot. Everyone is free to do as they please with their loot.

3. The hope is to be able to complete 2 dungeons. You don’t have to stay for the entire event but if you have a prior engagement please be considerate and make sure you’ll have enough time to finish one or both dungeons. (I.e. if the event starts at 7pm and you have plans at 7:30pm maybe starting a key isn’t the best idea.) If you come late to the event, based on groups, joining a group may be difficult.

4. Getting a timed 15 key is not guaranteed. The keys for the event are the keys from the people attending the event. In the beginning I expect 15 keys to be limited and 10s-14s more readily available. As the event grows the amount of 15 keys available each week should hopefully increase. Players who have higher keys (16+) will not be forced to lower them to 15s. If they don’t mind they are free to do so but it is not expected.

If you have any questions about the keystone event, please use the #keystones discord channel. There will be a pinned spreadsheet in the keystone channel if you wish to track your KSM progress.