With the new patch a week underfoot, I’ve gotten a lot of tips and tricks sent to me over the course of the week. If you have more, PLEASE share, and I’ll add to this post!


Murloc Trading Game

If you want the Crimson Tidestallion or any of the dailies, you gotta get yourself this weakaura: https://wago.io/6YhvXz76q Talk to each of the murlocs and eventually it will automatically purchase everything you need from the vendors! If you prefer the manual walkthrough of the most prized of Mrrl’s possessions, the Tidestallion, check out this Wowhead Guide.

Thre are a ton of other goodies from it as well – you can get rep tokens for followers, manapearls, and more. Just be sure to have your Aszh/ari Benthic Cloak equipped – it won’t work otherwise!

XP for your Followers

Kill the ancient coral rares! Check out Wowhead for a walkthrough!
Kill specific enemies to pick up tokens for specific followers – Giant Crab Leg for Poen, Eel Fillet for Vim, Fathom Ray Wing for Neri, and Reefwalker Bark for all three.

Getting Around

You can kill (and loot) Deepcoral Bud to get Deepcoral Pods – those will increase your jump height, length, and let you take less fall damage. Pretty useful! You’ll find a ton of these in the coral forest in the center of the map.

You can kill Toxigore the Alpha and get an Alpha Fin which gives you an insane burst of speed for a short time.

Whatever you do, don’t take a Scroll of Torga’s Swiftness. It does the exact opposite of helping you get around efficiently.

Daily Events

At reset time (11am est) and 12 hours later (11pm est), you will have two events: One for non-WM which spawns 5 elite Naga and gives you an unstable manapearl buff, and one for WM-on that gives you nazjatar battle tokens. An hour later in non-WM, Aszhara summons a being from the depths, which gives you a 150 rep token. If you miss it, these events happen at other points in the day too, but reset and 12 hours later are the most easily caught!


There are a number of regular creatures called Algans – Lost Algans and Wandering Algans. Killing them nets you manapearls and benthic gear. There’s also a chance to spawn a rare when enough die! If you can’t keep track (because they’re not rares), this weakaura is perfect for you.


Rare Hunting

If you are looking to kill a variety of rares for mounts, pets, rep, and more, you will absolutely need this WA. If you have Tomtom installed, it will place a marker on your map automatically when a rare calls out its existence. It will also play a buzzing tone in case you’re not looking at the game, to alert you of rare spawns. Either can be disabled.


You can find P3-P3 at 68.5 47.9 in The Other Place (future alternate Mechagon).

Drill Rig Map

When the rigs come back up next time, you’ll be prepared!

Both Locations

Rare Hunting

Handynotes and TomCat’s Tours for Nazjatar and Mechagon


Mount Questlines

You didn’t forget about your direhorn hatchling, did you? She’s waiting to be fed and played with to evolve into a mount for you! Go back to Warbeast Kraal every day and do her dailies.

What about Kua’fon? He can fly – go and visit Paku south of Warbeast Kraal for a short questline and cutscene!