Do you guys have favorite add-ons, useful macros, or must-have sites that you use on a daily basis? Something atypical (everyone has DBM!) that you think can help your fellow guildies out? I’m compiling that kind of info on our Member Portal page, and could use your help! They can be class-specific, boss-specific, or even general or silly! Submit Feedback here, or message Quetzie on Discord. You’ll be credited for your additions on the site, too 🙂

To get you started, here’s 3 macros you may find useful:

Pull Timer:

/run local r,f,T,C=”RAID”,CnD or CreateFrame(“Frame”,”CnD”),1,5 f:SetScript(“OnUpdate”,function(s,e)T=T+e if T>1 then T=0 SendChatMessage(C>0 and “** “..C or “PULLING!”,r..(C>0 and””or”_WARNING”))C=C-1 if C<0 then s:Hide()end end end)f:Show()

This is a pull-timer that runs a countdown in chat from “5” down to “1”, and then says “PULLING” in the raid warning. This is great when Pugging, since you can’t guarantee everybody has DBM!

Hide names:

/run Z1=(Z1==0)and 1 or 0;local a,b={“Own”,”FriendlyPlayerName”,”EnemyPlayerName”},{“Friends”,”Enemies”}for i=1,#a do SetCVar(“UnitName”..a[i],Z1)end;for i=1,#b do SetCVar(“nameplateShow”..b[i],0)end

This macro hides names from allies & enemies, and is great to use before hitting “alt+z” to take a screenshot.

Garrison Report:

/run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(2)

Have you noticed, running through old content, that there’s no longer a way to bring up the old Garrison Report? That screen tells you when work orders have finished, missions are done, and more. The button got replaced by the Class Hall button, but the functionality is still in the game! Run this macro to bring it up.

Here’s my favorite Add-on:

Nameplate Auruas is invaluable to me as a Balance druid with my many DoT abilities. I add spells to the addon, and then my abilities pop up over enemy healthbars with a timer countdown so I know just when I will need to refresh them. You can choose to show buffs and debuffs from all allies, buffs and debuffs on your own bar, and more.